Thursday, February 5, 2015

Let's Get Scratching! Valentine Writing Fun & More!

On a recent Pinterest stroll I came across a fun idea....
making your own scratch off tickets!
The particular pin was for a business, but it got my wheels turning....
Who doesn't LOVE a scratch off?!!!!

Next week, as we prepare for Valentine's Day, I know my students will be filled with is also the week before our Mid-Winter Recess break...and it also has 'Friday the 13th' in it!  Not to mention the forecast of another snowstorm PLUS over a month of indoor recess!!!  I am going to need a lot of captivating fun to keep them 'grounded!!!'

I got to thinking how I could use these 'scratch offs' for a writing 'treat' on Friday and got right to work making some 'toad'-ally cute cards and 'recording sheet!'

The only 'ingredients' needed are:
packing tape- check!
dish soap- check!
silver metallic paint...nope!

I was thinking it was going to have to wait until the weekend when I could get to the craft store, but decided to try our local 'small town' hardware store!
At first I could not find it on my own, but asked the very kind gentlemen and he directed me right to it!
This particular one was Rustoleum American Accents Craft & Hobby Enamel (Fast Drying Latex)
(the original pin said you could use any metalic paint- acrylic included)

He clearly did not understand my excitement- and when I shared with him what it was for he couldn't believe it!  He even asked me to bring him one when they were done!

So how do you go about making your own scratch-off?!

First print out your cards.  You can have prizes, words, letters, numbers, etc!  The possibilities of how to use these in centers is really endless!

Next is to place a piece of packing tape over the area to be scratched.  
After I got all of my cards covered in just the right spots I realized I could have just laminated them!  It would have been faster AND it would have made the cards re-useable for next year!
Lesson learned!

Next you mix up your 'solution!'
It is 2 parts paint to 1 part dish soap.  
I didn't measure exact- I eyed it!
Mix them together good.  I chose to use a 'big brush' so that it would 'bunch' on the brush and cover it better.

Paint the area you want covered.  Put it on pretty thick- even dab it a bit if it is 'spreading' as you paint.

Let it dry.

If the area is still 'see through' you can do another coat.  I found mine had covered well enough and didn't need the second coat!

Cut the cards apart and they are ready for scratching!

Simply use a coin- scratch it (slide maybe) just like you would a regular Lotto ticket!
And your word, letter, number, message, prize, etc will be revealed!

So how am I using these scratch offs for 'educational' purposes?!

The kids are going to each get a card.   They will scratch to reveal a sight word we have learned, write the word and then use the word in a sentence!
Because I know they are going to want to take it home to show their family, I have a spot for them to glue their card to the paper!

I also made a set to put in their Valentine gift pack:
It has the scratch off for a prize, Smencil and Smarties candies!

It really did not take long to do- I promise!!!
It is something your students are sure to L-O-V-E!!!!

And just think of all the other ways you can use them...
*classroom incentives
*reading log incentives
*parent teacher/conference night 'raffle'- one winner gets a small gift card for attending!
*word work centers
*matching games (scratch a letter/CVC word and match to the picture that starts with it/is the word)


I am definitely going to be making a 'lucky set' for St. Patrick's Day!!!

Want to give it a try?
Here are the word cards, recording sheet and gift tags to download for FREE!
I even included a copy of the gift topper if you can use it!
It's my Valentine gift to you!

I would love to hear about how your students L-O-V-E-D the scratch offs!!!

Until next post,
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