Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Markdown & The BIG Sale!

The first Monday of August!  How is that possible?  August always FLIES by!

Today I am linking up for 

This week I chose my Short Vowel Puzzles Bundle to make 50% off for the week!

This pack includes:
*91 short vowel puzzles (short a- 20, short e- 17, short i- 17, short o- 17, short u- 20)

*5 blank puzzles (to make add’l puzzles)

*b&w printable for follow-up/assessment of mastery for each vowel

*short puzzle partner or homework activity 
(2 included for each vowel- 10 total)

*b&w printable for review of all 5 vowels

*short puzzle partner or homework activity to be used with any vowel (2 versions)

Supports & Aligns With Common Core Standard:
RF.K.2 RF.K.3

There is also a directions/suggestions for use page that gives some suggestions on different ways to use the puzzles and printables!

This is how the puzzles look: 

And here is one of the black & white printables that can be used as a center extension activity, homework, morning work, extra review/practice or even as assessment of learning!

It is normally $10, but it is on sale for only $5 for the week!
if you pick it up on Monday or Tuesday you'll get in on
and save an additional 10% off with promo code BTS14- bringing it down to just $4.50!!!

While you are there, I recently bundled all of my 'Color by CVC Word' packs!
as per request!

You can find an entire year of printables- valued at $24-for only $16 this week!
Be sure to try out my Groundhog version for free!

If you haven't already entered to win the iPad Mini don't forget to click this link:
Entries will be accepted through August 9th!

And for the big announcement!
Last week was all about 'Goodbye July, Aloha August' promotions!
The winners were selected this morning and they are:
Congratulations ladies!!!

And to everyone who entered, visited our stores or snagged some deals during the 4 day promotion, we thank you and wish you the best as you start another school year!

My store has recently had a few updates too!
If you own the first set of my Sight Word Readers, you are going to want to go back into 'My Purchases' and download again!
They were my first upload to TPT and I have learned so much since then!
I also own SO many more graphics!

I updated the graphics, made them easier for copying and prepping and made the covers more appealing!
The bundle, as well as all the individual packs, have been updated.
I also updated the practice packs!

The second sets will be done this week!  So if you want to grab them during the sale you will get the updated version for free!
You can find all the sight word resources via this link!

This week I will be working on my project for the Creative Teacher Giveaway!
It is sure to help make EVERY kid feel special on their birthday!

I have some fun other crafts and projects I did with the boys to share with you, so I hope you will check back!
Have a great week!
Until next post,
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