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Aaaaargh You Ready? It's Almost 'Talk Like A Pirate Day!'

'Aaaarrrgh' You Ready For A Fun Day?
September 19th is 'Talk Like A Pirate' Day!

Last year was the first time I had heard about this and only had 1 day 'notice,' so this year I was determined to plan out some fun stuff to do...
and then I found out I am scheduled for a day of professional development out of the classroom that day!

But, I am going to leave some fun 'treasures' for my substitute to do with my little pirates!

I pulled out my (limited collection of) pirate books:

This one I found as a fairly new release...

and there is a YouTube reading of it that is FABULOUS!
The narrator uses GREAT voices- far better than I could have done myself- and it is PERFECT for 'TALK' like a pirate day!!

I am going to show the kids this video on Thursday during snack to build anticipation for Friday- and especially since I don't want them to miss out on it!!!
Take a look at it here, or you can find it on YouTube by searching:

Pirate Pete's Talk Like A Pirate Narration & Characterizations

by Jonathan Mertz

My kiddos will start the day by making a pirate hat.
Simply color the hat, cut on the dotted line and staple to a sentence strip!

Our 'Word of the Week' this week is 'I,' so I made a quick foldable reader for them to practice writing in the word, and then reading.  I put dots under each word to assist with 1:1 correspondence and pointing while reading.

I also like to leave a little something extra for the sub, so I made a pirate themed cut, stack, staple, read activity.  They will be working with our 't' cut, stack, staple, read activity in centers this week, so they will be familiar with what is expected!


You can find all of these printables for free by clicking here!!
Although I show them in color, the free printables are only in black and white (I used colored ones as models for the sub to show my kids).
If you want to grab the graphics to make your own goodies, they are found in Krista Wallden's Pirate Combo Pack.

In addition to what I mentioned above, I have themed a lot of my lessons around 'pirates' for the day...
Our read aloud will be I Love My Pirate Papa and they will then use it as a springboard for Writers Workshop.  We are working on Interactive Writing, so my little 'mateys' will be labeling some pirate clip art I printed.  I will be laminating it and then attaching it to chart paper.
They will then use their 'independent writing time' to draw (and attempt to label) something a pirate has.  I will bind all the pages together to make a class book.

For math we are ending our shapes unit, so I made this review printable for them to use:
They had practiced using a paperclip/pencil spinner last week and it was quite successful- plus they really had fun with it!  
(this is not in the free printable pack, but you can try to save it as a picture/insert into a document)

And for snack time I have a package of 
for each of them, along with a little note and some pirate tattoos for them to take home to continue the celebration!

I didn't want to send the substitute over the edge, so I decided against a pirate craft for this year, but if you are searching for one, there are a ton of really cute ones on Pinterest!

Now I think we 'Aaarrrrgh' all ready for 'Talk Like A Pirate' Day!!!

If you are in search of some more pirate goodies, I just uploaded these two (virtually no prep) pirate 'treasures' to my TpT store that are perfect for literacy and math centers:

Want a chance to win one?
Leave me a blog post comment with a 'pirate' term/saying that you are going to teach your students!
I will select a winner on Monday night so that they have plenty of time to get it ready for Friday!
Don't forget to leave an email address and which pack (ELA or Math) you prefer!

I hope you found some fun pirate 'treasures' to share with all your 'mateys!'
Until next post,
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  1. You always have such fun and creative ideas! Thanks for the awesome link and suggestions!

  2. Shiver Me Timbers! Love this idea! Can't wait to use this with my kinders.

  3. Ahoy Matey! I LOVE your FUN ideas and won't have to have green teeth and stinky clothes now since you've saved me from endless searching for quality, exciting activities for my little 'pirates' to do! Thank you so very much!

  4. My kiddos would "Walk the Plank" to use these ideas! Thank you So much!

  5. Ha! Do fun! How have missed out on this all these years? :)

  6. Ahoy there Matey !! Love it thanks !

  7. Shiver me timbers!!!!!!!! This is what we will be saying all day :) I prefer the ELA

  8. Shiver me timbers! I am living this lot of booty and treasure you offer! There will NIT be any walking the plank in your furure! Thank you! I love both packs, and I would love to be surprised with,either!
    Deldreqka Scott

  9. Shiver me timbers! I would like the ELA pack.

  10. I love this!!! My husband is related to a pirate so we love all things about pirates. I would prefer the math! I would use walk the plank!

  11. Shiver me timbers! What fun! I would LOVE the ELA pack!

  12. Shiver me timbers!! Oh my would my kids have fun with this!!

  13. I'd Walk the Plank for an ELA pack!

  14. Thanks for the reminder! I forget each year!

  15. Yo ho ho, this would be AWESOME to have for me class!!

  16. Aye, aye! I'd love the ELA pack! After all the assessing we've been doing, the kiddos are going to have so much fun on pirate day! Thanks so much for the pirate hat and book. I'm sure they will be a big!

    1. Number 17 was selected and you were comment 17! I am emailing the set to you now! Thanks for the comment and have fun!!!

  17. "A pirate's life for me." (Read the Room)

  18. Aye, Aye Matey! The ELA pack would be arrrrsome!!

  19. Ahoy there matey! I would love the ELA pack. Thanks! jmcpang78 at

    1, 2, 3, DEADLIGHTS on me (eyes;) I love these engaging ideas!

  21. Yo ho ho, a pirate's life is for me! Love these ideas. Thanks for the opportunity to win and sharing.

  22. Super cute ideas! I have a sub for half a day on Friday, but I still plan to use your freebies in the afternoon! Thanks again!

    One Sharp Bunch

  23. This is perfect for Friday! Thank you

  24. WOW!! I think we are going to are to our popcorn words. Never celebrated pirate day before. Would love to win the English pack! Thank you

  25. These are so cute and they look like loads of fun! I am definitely going to print some of these out & hopefully buy the rest! We will throw out my "plain" plans for these more exciting ones!

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