Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Freebie Fun

If your to-do list is anything like mine you probably don't even have time to read this post!

But I am hoping that it will help you cross a few things off!
Here is a list of 9 Christmas freebies you can find in my TPT store!

First one up is my first Christmas freebie I ever posted!  I was SO excited to hit 100 TPT followers, I posted this to celebrate!
Students listen for numbers you call out.  They color that number and once all numbers are called, a holiday image appears!

Need a quick Christmas craft?  Check this one out!
It comes with a cute poem too, so you'll be all set to wrap it up as a parent gift too!

The next one was inspired by a free set of gingerbread clip art I downloaded from Pink Cat Studios!  As a 'pay it forward' I made this set: 
Students order gingerbread men from 1-10.  It comes in both color and blacklines and makes a really fun math center activity!  Glue it to a sentence strip and you have a festive holiday hat to display number learning!

This one is simply one of my favorites- it was inspired by my son!  He was watching me make a Christmas Alphabet train for my class and wanted one too!  At the time he wasn't quite ready for ABC matching, so I made him a color matching set...and here it is:
Students match colored objects to the train that has that color/color word on it.  I also have an add-on pack for additional colors!

Last year was the first year I submitted to the Holiday eBook and this was my highlighted freebie:
You can find the 2013 Holiday eBook here- it is filled with fun freebies and tips!  Head to page 26 to find my tips!

Last year I was in search of readers my kinders could read independently during Readers Workshop but found it very hard to find, so I started creating them on my own.  Once the holidays rolled around, I knew I needed to create some holiday versions too!  Here is a sample that contains one the books from my pack with 15 readers

No year is complete without some elf fun!  I have a bundle with a bunch of my elf fun and this is a sampler of what is included! 

Speaking of students always get SUPER SAD when it is time to say goodbye to the elf, so this year we will make an elf to take home!  This could also work well if you don't have an elf- OR if a child hears all the other kids talking about their home elf, but that student doesn't have one! 
You can find my entire 'how to' by going to this post on The Primary Pack!

I was thrilled to be selected for the 2014 Holiday eBook this year!  My featured freebie is this: 
I have my set all prepped for one of my math centers next week!  Be sure to look for me on page 27!

And if you are planning ahead and are in search of some winter treasures, find my winter freebies here!

Hopefully this helps you cross a few things off your list so that you can focus on what's really important...getting those cookies ready for Santa!!!

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  1. WOW, awesome freebies! Thanks so much!

  2. The elf craft is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  3. Thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Thank you so much for these great resources! Merry Christmas!


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