Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Treat For Me...A Treat For You!

I am so excited...
I finally 'treated' myself to a professional blog design!
What do you think?!!
Isn't it great?!!  Fun?!!  Cute?!!  Totally Kindergarten?!!

She took this: 

And made it into the wonderful masterpiece you are staring at now!

When I started blogging back in November 2013 I wasn't sure it was something I would really enjoy, have time for, be able to manage...but I have grown to LOVE it and it was time to give it a professional and fun look!

So now that I have gotten my 'treat'...
How about a treat for you and your students?!

On a recent outing to Target I stumbled upon these...
and knew right away these could be used in my classroom for sorting and counting!

I started making a printable for sorting/counting, but then thought...
there may be others that need it for graphing...and what about adding?!
There was so many different skills that could be covered using these spooky jellied creations!

So here is my 'treat' to you:
3 FREE printables!

And here are some ideas on how to use them...

The printable has 6 circles for sorting the snacks and then counting to record the number of each.

BUT when I opened the package there were only 6 in there...and not much variety...so I opened another.  That gave me at least 1 of each kind.  I would suggest you give each student 2 bags.  They come in a box of 48, so it shouldn't deplete your wallet TOO much (or maybe ask parents to donate!) 

Sort the candies right on the printable: 

And then write the number while they are still there.  This also allows for your to do a 'quick check' as you walk around the room! 

You can then have them draw how many of each so that the circles aren't empty after consumption! 

This printable has the graphics in a graphing form.

Again- I used 2 packages to give more choices!
Sort the snacks by 'type' and place on the graph.

Once all candies are sorted and placed on the graph...

Begin coloring one box for each snack.  I chose to use a color that matched the snack, but you can have students use all the same color, have them choose the color or assign each snack a color!

Have students count the number of each snack and record the number on top.  Before they 'snack' check to see if their graphing/recording matches the number of snacks!

The completed graph!
They can analyze the graph and write which had the most/least!

This printable requires cut and paste.  Students will be choosing 2 groups and then adding them together.  Again- I recommend using 2 packages for each student

First have them cut out the shapes.

Have them decide which 'groups' they will make

And glue them into the boxes.

Have students sort and place the snacks onto the printable so they can 'see' and count the groups.

Have them record the amount of each snack

And they can then put them together into the box to show the group.

They will record the sum of each group...

And can draw pictures to represent the group before snacking on the sums!

Download the printables for free HERE!

UPDATED 10/7/15
I have added 3 more printables to the pack that match Betty Crocker Halloween Fruit Snack packs!

UPDATED 10/29/18
 I added 3 more printables for the 2018 package of snacks that only has 5 shapes

I hope you and your students enjoy this 'treat' as I sit back and admire my 'treat!'
AND be SURE to stop by again on Thursday...I have a pretty big announcement about fun Friday deals for October from over 30 sellers!

Until next post,


  1. Thanks for making this! When I try to download it, it only lets me "Pin It." Not sure If I'm doing something wrong or if it isn't linked.?????

    1. Hi Amy-
      In my excitement to share my design I totally forgot to link it! It is all linked now! SORRY!

  2. I love your new blog design!!! So cheery and kindergarteny! Thanks for the fun activities!

  3. Great new design for your blog! ~Denise

  4. Your new blog design looks amazing!! Absolutely love it!!!

  5. I love your new look and thanks for the freebie!

  6. Love the design and all of your inspirational ideas! Thank for sharing!

  7. What a wonderful way to help kindergartners count. The printable pages are so easy to print and when I used these ideas for counting with my kindergartners you could definitely see the joy of learning on the children's faces. What a great idea and I will be visiting your blog for more innovative ideas on how to teach young children.


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