Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stained Glass Pumpkins

Need an EASY pumpkin project to decorate your classroom door and/or windows?

Last week we made these 'stained glass' pumpkins:

They were SUPER easy to make!

Last month we made 'stained glass' apples using contact paper:
but for some reason the contact paper was not sticking to the paper and I wound up having to glue each piece of contact paper to the construction paper!

So this month I chose to use the 'wax paper' method!

It is SUPER easy..I promise!

First I gave each kid a piece of wax paper.  I didn't measure, just pulled a piece I thought would be a good size and cut.

They used a black crayon to draw a big circle/oval on the paper.  I told them the crayon was going to 'fight' the paper, so they would need to go over it a few times!

I had cut out squares of tissue paper in varying shades of orange and yellow and had them ready.

They squeezed glue into the circle/oval and stuck the tissue paper on top.

Until all the open space was filled

As you can see the shapes varied from student to student!  Some chose to make it monochromatic and others went for the color 'collage!' 

We let them dry overnight.

I was originally going to have them cut out the orange 'skin' but then thought it might be hard for them to 'judge' the size of the middle they would need, so I pre-cut the paper.

They put glue on the orange paper

and then stuck it to their tissue paper collage

and laid them out to dry for a bit

Once they were dry it was time to trim the wax paper
We talked about how to use the orange paper as the 'line' to follow when cutting the wax paper.

Once they were trimmed I gave them brown and green rectangles for making a stem and leaf

And they could use a pipe cleaner (wrapped around their finger) as a vine if they chose to do so

Many took the information they learned about pumpkin leaves very seriously and made sure their leaves were 'pointy!'

And now they are a beautiful display of fall fun that greet anyone that come to our door!
We will probably make turkeys in a similar way for next month, although these could go all through November and still be seasonally appropriate!

(I know some people choose to do a glue wash over the tissue paper to seal the pieces- I chose to leave the pieces as they were, but that is always an option for a different look too!)

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