Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Tree Stained Glass Craft

It's time for our next stained glass craft...
Christmas Tree!

This one is pretty easy to make and you can even have the kids add embellishments (sequins, buttons, etc.) to the tree to 'jazz' it up a bit!

The tree is made using a folded piece of 8.5x11 inch construction paper.  
The star is from a folded piece of yellow 'scrap' paper.  You don't have the do the star as 'stained glass' and can just add a 'regular' star to the top!

Find the templates here:

Fold the paper in half and trace the template onto the paper:
(you can even put your paper through a copier so that you don't have to trace each one- just be sure to take into account for the 'fold' when tracing the template onto paper for copying)

You can have students cut the tree and/or pre-cut the trees for them: 

Give each child a piece of wax paper that is large enough to fill the space and edges of the tree.
Have them swirl glue all over the wax paper:

I pre-cut green tissue paper in two different shades.
You can use just one shade and/or have them cut their own tissue paper!
Have students place pieces onto the glue to cover the paper: 

Have students put glue onto the back of the tree cut-out: 

and press it onto the tissue paper collage: 

Do the same for the yellow star if you are choosing to go with a stained glass star: 

Trim the edges of the wax paper by using the tree as a 'guide' and glue the star to the top.
Add a brown paper rectangle as the trunk: 

Hang up on your classroom windows and/or door for a festive display all season long!

Looking for more Christmas crafts?
Check out this pack I have in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store:
Here are just a few of the crafts included in the pack:

You can also find this one:

and this one for FREE:

You can find all of my Christmas resources (including freebies) by clicking this link:

Wishing you the wonder of the season!
Until next post,

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