Monday, March 7, 2016

Sticker Addition

This past week we finished up our addition unit and used stickers to review and practice joining groups!

This was a simple, yet engaging and fun, no-prep activity that really helped reinforce addition and prep them for their unit test!

I purchased a few sticker 'books' from Dollar Tree, as well as the circle/dot 'incentive' sticker packs and spread them out on the tables!

Here is what they did...
I printed a frog spinner for each child (it was leap year week!).
You can use a dice, but we had been practicing addition with numbers 0-5 so I wanted to keep with that 'theme' and by making the spinner from 0-5 it let me do that!

They used a paper clip and their pencil to 'spin' the first number.
They recorded the number and then spun it again to determine how many more would be added.  They recorded that number.

They used the stickers to show the two groups

and then counted up the stickers 'in all' to determine the sum of the two numbers

They continued to spin, record, spin, record, count and write the sum for the allotted amount of time we had for math, giving them a chance to do both the front and back

They were very engaged during this did get a bit noisy but it was all 'good chatter' and discussions about the different groups they each got!

If you'd like to try this out with your class, you can get the recording sheet and frog spinners FREE by clicking HERE!

And if you are still working on addition, and want to add a fun St. Patrick's Day theme to your practice, I have placed my St. Patrick's Day 'Add the Room' pack on sale for the entire week as part of Markdown Monday over at Kelly & Kim's Kindergarten Kreations!

You can find it by clicking here:

The following cards are taped around your room (or you can place them in a sensory bucket or decorative/holiday basket or bin)
The students solve the addition problem on the card and record their answer on this recording sheet

They can self-correct their answers because on each card, in the tiny circle on the bottom right of the card, is the answer..but in order to see it they will need a magnifying glass!

I decorate my glasses with a shamrock cut-out (included in the pack) but you can leave the 'self-correct' element out if you don't want to use magnifying glasses!

If you want to challenge your students, you can have them write the number sentence and answer instead of just the answer!

This pack will be on sale from Monday March 7th-Saturday March 12th!
You can find the rest of the marked down deals for the week by clicking HERE!

And if you need other St. Patrick's Day resources...

Until next post,

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