Sunday, July 31, 2016

Editable Sight Word Puzzles

Last fall I created a set of editable sight word puzzles to use as a part of my literacy centers.  They were such a hit with my students that I decided to upload them to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

They were really well received and I got many requests to continue making them!
I went on to make a holiday set, winter set and spring set!

But each time I would also get requests for 'non-seasonal' puzzles to use all year long!

I FINALLY got them done in time for the Teachers Pay Teachers Site-Wide Back To School Sale!
The Sale is 8/1 & 8/2 and everything in my store will be 20% off!
Use promo code: BESTYEAR and get an additional 10% off!

So about those new puzzles!

There are 84 editable puzzles in this pack!
There are 21 puzzles for 2 letter words, 21 puzzles for 3 letter words, 21 puzzles for 4 letter words and 21 puzzles for 5 letter words!

There are also color images that match the puzzles for you to use in a literacy center as a 'model,' added practice, early finisher, etc!
(I always had my students practice with the color puzzles 3x and then move to the black & white one.  If they finished early, they could go back to the colored ones for extra (fun) practice!

Here's a preview of what they do:

I have a FREE sample for you to download to try out this newest set of puzzles!
Simply download the product preview and you will get this puzzle for FREE:

Here it is 'in action':
Download the pack and follow the directions on how to add the letters you need to build the word you are working on.  Print and copy!

Have students color the picture

Have students cut the top half off and then on all the dotted lines.

Students spell the target word and then glue them to the frame.

They then practice writing the word on the lines!

For added practice, early finishers or for 'challenge' work, students can then use that target word in a sentence on the back and circle the word!

The 'generic themes' in this pack cover the following:
sportsanimalsfoodbeach/oceanfictional characterscommunityreadingcommon everyday objectsplantingtransportationoutdoorscampingfire safetypicnicschoolhobbies

Perfect to use all year long!

If you are looking for another great sight word center activity be sure to check out THIS POST where I show you how to use my sight word mini books!

You can even find a FREE SAMPLE for 'see' HERE!

And while prices are discounted, it would be a perfect time to check out my sight word readers!  I have been using these books in my kindergarten classroom for over 10 years!
The link will bring you to the SUPER BUNDLE that includes all of my books!
You can also purchase smaller bundles (Bundle 1 and Bundle 2) OR smaller sets!  The SUPER BUNDLE will give you the biggest discount- especially during the sale!  
Valued at $55, during the sale days it will be only $28.80!

Still not sure? Check out the FREE SAMPLER!

And here's a 'cheat sheet' on how to find what is in my store!

On the LEFT SIDE are 'Custom Categories' that will help navigate what I have available.

You can also use the search bar on the RIGHT to search in my store!

BUT there's more ways to find what you are looking for or to 'browse!'
As you can see the list of 'CUSTOM CATEGORIES' is rather long!  So be sure to scroll down!

The other feature is the 'sort by' that is located right below the four 'FEATURED PRODUCTS'
Click the down arrow and you can sort by Most Recently Posted (I LOVE this feature because I go to a favorite seller and see what they have posted since I last shopped!), Best Seller, Rating, Price or Alphabetical!

If you are still having trouble finding what you are looking for or having a question about a product before purchasing, simply click the 'Ask A Question' tab!  I am usually pretty good about responding back almost immediately after receiving the notification (as long as my boys are in a cooperative state at the moment!)

And best of luck as you begin another year of school!
I personally still have a WHOLE MONTH left of vacation...that 'June 26th' end date is not looking soooo terrible about now!

Until next post,


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