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Freaky Friday Week 2- Pumpkins!

Did you score some awesome 'Dollar Deals' last Friday when we kicked off 'Freaky Friday?!'
Friday October 13th we do it all again- but with 40+ new deals for you to choose from!
How will you find all of these deals?

Choose one of these methods:
1. Click this picture:

2. Use the linky at the bottom of this post that shows all of the participating stores!
You can click the first link to find a list of ALL the deals or click each individual seller to find their discounted deal for the day!

Many of the sellers on Instagram are using this hashtag when showing their deal:
but you won't find ALL the deals that way.

The sellers listed below will also be posting about their deals on their Facebook pages too...just another reason to follow and 'like' your favorite sellers!

So what will you find from me this week?
It is a pumpkin patch slide show, reader & pocketchart word and picture cards pack!

Here's a video explaining what is included and how I printed some of the materials:

Last year while I was at the pumpkin patch with my own children I took photos because I found many of my students had never been to a pumpkin patch. I turned the photos into a slide show so that I could project it onto my EnoBoard for my students to take a 'virtual field trip' to the patch and learn about pumpkins!

Our PTA is awesome and they set up an area for our students to 'pick pumpkins' but it's not the same as being at a real pumpkin patch.

So last year I brought in the slide show I created at home:

and projected it on my screen:

Then we explored a real pumpkin:
*We looked at and felt the weight of the pumpkin, touched it's skin, flesh, pulp and seeds.  
*We could smell the pumpkin once it was cut open (many did not care for the smell!) 
*We listened to how the pumpkin sounded when we 'knocked' on it and the 'squishy sound' it made when we touched inside!
*We tasted pumpkin pie that was made with pumpkin (Read all about our Pumpkin Pie in A Bag HERE!)

I didn't throw the pumpkin away!  We set up a pumpkin exploration station on our back table for the week!  Students could go over and look inside, feel the sensory bag and read about pumpkins:

So that we could share what we learned about with those at home we made these 'peek inside' pumpkins:
Each child put some pulp and seeds in a ziplock bag.  I had pre-cut the pumpkins for them (so that I knew the bag would fit in the space).  We taped the bag to the back, added a stem, drew some flesh and then labeled the parts!  The 'seeds and pulp' label was written on an Avery address label so that it could stick to the bag.

I could not find a 'Poem of the Week' that taught about pumpkins yet was simple enough for my students to read, so I created this one:
(Tune: I'm a Little Tea Pot)
Feel free to chart and use it too!  The images were grabbed from a Google Image search, so if you like to include picture cues on your poems/charts as well, you can get them there too!

After our week of exploring pumpkins, my students created pumpkin shape books from the pre-cut books I found in Target Dollar Spot!  

I saw them there again this year, so if you're looking for something to put inside the cute books, you can find these printables HERE:

My students were able to learn so much for the photos I had taken at the pumpkin patch and I would love for your students to experience the same!

So this week's Freaky Friday item includes all of this:

As you can see from the picture (or if you watched the video) I made the black and white book into a mini-book!  It's super simple...
(Want to make it even easier for yourself?  You can also print the book 'as is' and then copy it in 'collate' & 'staple 2- left side' mode.  Once all the sets are copied, simply cut in 1/2 and you have 2 books stapled and ready to go!)

So to re-cap...

1. Black and White version for printing and creating student books

2. Word and Picture Cards for use in a pocketchart

3. Slide Show to project in your classroom (that can also be printed as a full-color class book)

Normally priced at $5 but reduced to just $1 for FRIDAY OCTOBER 13th ONLY!

But that's not it!
Ready To Find All the $1Deals for Week 2 of Freaky Friday?

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