Thursday, October 11, 2018

Freaky Friday Week 2- NO PREP Printables for Numbers 0-10

Did you score some awesome 'Dollar Deals' last Friday when we kicked off 'Freaky Friday?!'
Friday October 12th we do it all again- but with 40+ new deals for you to choose from!
How will you find all of these deals?

Choose one of these methods:
1. Click this picture:

2. Use the linky at the bottom of this post that shows all of the participating stores!
You can click the first link to find a list of ALL the deals or click each individual seller to find their discounted deal for the day!

Many of the sellers on Instagram are using this hashtag when showing their deal:
but you won't find ALL the deals that way.

The sellers listed below will also be posting about their deals on their Facebook pages too...just another reason to follow and 'like' your favorite sellers!

So what will you find from me this week?

This is a pack of 13 black and white printables that can be used for morning work, early finishers, enrichment/remediation, homework, extra practice, etc.!

At times I send these home when I have parents request 'extra practice' or things to do at home to work on identifying & writing numbers, as well as counting sets.

Here are a few screenshots of the printables from the pack:

There's even a fun way to integrate science!  
Spin, graph, record, count and analyze:
The only thing you need to 'prep' is to download, print and copy!
Some of the printables will require a paperclip for the spinner (or you can lay a transparent spinner laid OVER the paper...I use these from Amazon).

You can put some of them in sleeve protectors to make them reusable resources for centers too!

I don't feel children should ONLY be using printables for math, and do value hands-on work for number sense!  I use morning tubs in my classroom each day so children can practice what they have learned in a meaningful and fun way!  I hope to share more photos of some of my other seasonal stations soon!  It's usually so busy and lively in the mornings that I forget to take pictures!
We also play a lot of partner games that are wound into my math instruction weekly. Then I place those games into our morning tubs once we've practiced them a few times!

BUT...I do believe that some paper/pencil activities are important and that is why I integrate pages from this Fall Printables 0-10 pack into my classroom!

Here are a few of the morning tubs/partner games we have been playing so far this year:
We have 'partner boxes' in my classroom.  Each time we use a manipulative for a game/activity it goes into the partner boxes.  Just this week we added the 10 Sticks and dice.  By the end of the year the boxes contain all the manipulatives we need for working in pairs.  It has been a lifesaver for management!  No more 'wasting time' distributing materials- partners grab a box and have what they need to get right to work!

This can be made to use with any season too!  Just sub in some seasonal erasers or fun 'manipulatives' from the Dollar Store! (Ex. artificial fall leaves, small Christmas bows/gifts, plastic or foam hearts, gold coins, plastic flowers, etc!)

(Those plates are actually left over Valentine's Day plates!  I just flipped them over and drew the web!)

I often share pins I find for fun number sense activities on my Facebook page or you can find them on my Pinterest Board- Math Resources.

Ready To Find ALL the $1 Deals for Week 2 of Freaky Friday?

Be sure to check back next week to find out what Week 3's deals will be!
Have a fabulous week!
Until next post,


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