Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving and Turkey Fun For Everyone!

My students have been busy with a ton of turkey fun and 
boy do we have some fun things planned for tomorrow!

Here are a few pictures of the fun we have been having in our class over the past 2 weeks!

We labeled the parts of a turkey using interactive writing and then they made their own turkeys to label!  
I just LOVE original student art work! We also illustrated our poem '5 Fat Turkeys!'
Aren't these just darling?!

Interactive Journal Fun! 
We are LOVING our interactive notebooks!  Here are a few of our math and Social Studies entries from the past 2 weeks!  The notebooks are getting fat and I love how they are keeping track of all that we have learned so far this year!

 We are in the midst of our numbers unit, so this lift and match activity was just perfect!

 After reading a few stories and doing picture sorts, the students were able to do this sort independently!

 This one was especially fun! The students were SHOCKED when we talked about Pilgrim life! They did a great job matching 'Then' and 'Now!'

Word and picture sentences have been a hit!  Tomorrow we'll be building sentences all about Thanksgiving foods!  We worked with these sentences for vocabulary development- as well as reviewing sight words and reading with 1:1 correspondence!

We've been playing 'turkey war' for the past 2 weeks- last week the 'winner' had 'more'- this week the 'winner' was the one with the number that was 'less!'  Next week we break out 'Dreidel War!'

Soooo... what is in store for tomorrow???

We'll be feeding the hungry pilgrims and make them 'grab' their food off the Eno board! We'll use it for identifying a set of food and sight word review!  I have a dice ready for them to roll- they will then find that pile of food and have the pilgrim grab it!  Then I have a b&w printable for them to do independently so I can see who needs further review!  For our sight words- I am going to point to one of the word wall- read it, find it, feed it!  Then we are going to cut part a page of 6 labeled turkeys to build the sentence:
 'I see a turkey and me.'

Then.....Turkey Hunt!
We're going to 'hunt' the room for sight word turkeys!  In order to catch him, you must read him!  I have 10 already hidden- my 'job' in the am is to hide the rest!  Can you spot 3 of them?  
I think they are going to love this 'hunt!'

How About...Pumpkin Pie Playdoh, Making Retelling Bracelets, Churning Butter and 
Devouring Corn Muffins?!  Yes!  We'll be doing it all!

Want to do some of this fun with your kiddos?  
Click this link and get my printables and Eno Board goodies for free!

 Click here to get your free goodies!

Thanks for visiting!  Stay tuned for posts of our Day Before Turkey Fun!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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  1. Look at you! Love all the activities you are doing! I can't believe you have school tomorrow!



    Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners

  2. Thanks! Yes- I always have school the day before Thanksgiving! We're going to make it 'turkey-rrific!'


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