Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July Hat Craft!

Are you looking for an easy, yet super cute, 4th of July hat craft?
My '3.75' and 'just 5' year olds did this one practically on their own!
We'll be sporting these, and our super cute shirts from Carters, this 4th of July as we walk down to the beach for firework fun!
It was a great way to sneak in some fine motor skills work too! ;)

Now 'WE WANT YOU' to make these too!

First collect all that you need:
*red,white and blue cardstock
*paper plates
*cotton balls

Then head to this download to get the printables you will need:

Print the hat on either red or blue cardstock (we did one of each because I have a 'red' lover and a 'blue' lover!), the stars on white cardstock and the strips on red, white and blue cardstock.

If you don't have colored cardstock, you can have your child color his/her hat and strips using crayons and/or markers!

Gather all you need and get ready for fun!

First cut the center out of the paper plate.  I find it easiest to fold the plate in half and cut it out that way:

Cover the bottom 3/4 of the plate with glue and stick the cotton balls on.  I pull the cotton balls to stretch them a bit.  It helps conserve some, as well as make the hat a bit lighter!

While it is drying, have your child cut out his/her hat (if they are able to)

And then glue the hat to the 'beard'

Have your child glue the stripes onto the hat to make a 'red, white & blue' pattern:

And then add some starts to the brim- or stripes!

Cut 2 strips from another piece of cardstock for the band.  If I was at school, I would use a sentence strip, but since I am home, and couldn't find any extras lying around, we just used strips of cardstock and they worked out just fine!

Staple a strip to each side on the backside of the hat:

And then measure it to your child's head
hold in place, remove the hat and staple!

The hat is all done...let it dry for a bit...

And then put them on and show your American pride!

You can use these for other patriotic holidays too including Election Day, Veteran's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day!

Looking for a quick 4th of July CVC activity?  I just uploaded this pack!  My kinders used my bug and ocean versions of this and LOVED it!

Have a very happy 4th of July!
Enjoy your family, fireworks and fun!
I'd love to see your hats!  Post pictures on my Facebook page!

Until next post,
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  1. What a cute craft idea! Thank for sharing!!

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  4. Feel proud to be American .4th of should be celebrate by all Americans.Lets celebrate 4th of July with Firework cruise


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