Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting Ready for the Last 10 Days of Kindergarten!

Cue the music...

It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!  
We're almost down to 10 Days left of kindergarten!
I cannot believe how fast this year has gone (even with all the 'extra' days thanks to the snow)!

I have an INCREDIBLE group of amazing kindergarteners this year that have worked so hard!  So many of my students not only mastered the kindergarten curriculum (and beyond!), but also learned how to speak, understand, write and read English!
I wanted to reward them with a fun and spirited send-off!
One idea spiraled off another that led to all of what I am about to post about!

First I was going to make a banner- how perfect that 'First Grade' has 10 letters in it- we could take 1 letter off each day until the last day of school!
But then I was thinking....it is kind of like 'first grade' is disappearing, yet that is where they are headed!  So I thought...
What if I hang a balloon off each letter of the banner and we could 'pop' one each day!

(**NOTE: All of my kinders are heading to first grade this year.  Had they not, I would have done 'Summer Time' instead- still had 10 letters for the last 10 days countdown!**)

BUT...what if those balloons were filled with fun things to do...like sing our favorite songs, sit wherever we want for the day (they have been BEGGING for that all year), have a 'Frozen' vs 'Lego Movie' sing-a-thon, etc!

So I typed up 10 fun slips to 'slip' inside each balloon before I blew them up!

I sort of strategically placed them on the days I thought they would work best (our last 3 days are 1/2 days, we have field day in there, and our end of year ice cream party!) but shhhh.... don't tell my secret!  As far as they know I am equally as surprised as they are each time one pops!

If you'd like a copy of the 'First Grade' banner, I uploaded it to Google Drive and you can download it for free here!  The graphics are from Ashley Hughes, Educlips, Creative Clips and Hello Fonts!  If you are a first grade teacher, this would be super cute in your room at back-to-school time and/or throughout the year, as well!

In addition, I have planned 'Spirit Days' for the last 10 Days!
Starting on Monday June 16th, and ending on our last day, Friday June 27th:
Day 10: Silly Sock Day (wear silly or mismatched socks)
Day 9: Bubble Day (bring a container of bubbles)
Day 8: Field Day (if it rains, Silly Hat Day)
Day 7: Favorite Color Day
Day 6: Silly Hat Day (or Field Day make-up day)
Day 5: Dress Up Day (dress up however you'd like- fancy, in costume, etc!)
Day 4: Camping Day (bring a flashlight)
Day 3: Game Day (bring a game- no electronics)
Day 2: Ice Cream Day
Day 1 (AKA LAST DAY): Water Balloon Day (bring a towel)

During those spirit days we will also be working on our End Of The Year Lapbook to capture all the fun memories and things we learned while in kindergarten!

I know for many the school year is already a distant memory and you are probably reading this with a relaxing cup of coffee and maybe some sand between your toes!
I would by lying if I didn't say I was a tad bit jealous...but I will think of all of you laboring away in your classrooms of new kiddos as I have fun in the sun and sand in my shoes through September! ;)

Be sure to stop by throughout the summer!  I'll be catching up on posts I didn't have time to do and am part of a few blog hops that will bring along freebies, raffles, giveaways and more!

Happy Summer!
Until next post,
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  1. How cute! I love your banner and theme day ideas! Your kids must have a blast!


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