Saturday, May 24, 2014

Interactive Butterfly Lifecycle Craft & Poem

It's that time of year...

Butterflies arrive in my classroom this coming week!
I am super excited because I own Insect Lore's Butterfly Tent- so all my students have the opportunity to climb inside and interact with the butterflies!
Now before you go crazy looking for it, I have some sad news...they no longer make it!
I don't understand why- to me it is worth every cent it cost ($40)- and it is truly the most exciting experience for the children to actually have the opportunity to interact with the butterflies they worked so 'hard' to raise!  I have seen others teachers use kid tents to do the same, so don't lose all hope!

My 2 sons attend the same Daycare- one in Preschool and one in Pre-K.  I was assigned to be a mystery reader back in November, BUT both of them decided that was a great time to get a week long combination of stomach bugs, ear infections and I missed my chance.  I sent in all the materials I had prepped to make some super fun 'T' turkeys when they returned and the teachers were happy to do the craft with them.

BUT...I was so sad to miss out on some fun!
So this week I get the chance to 're-do' my visit!  By some type of magic I am able to coordinate a visit with an already scheduled appointment that I needed to take some time off for!

And guess what they are learning about...

They watched the caterpillars grow big and fat and make chrysalis' ('cocoons' in the Preschool class) and are ready to see them emerge some time this week!

They already read:

So I thought of these two as my possible story choices:
And I think I have decided to go with Ten Little Caterpillars for the sake of time!

I also wanted to bring in a little craft- but being that my time was limited I was racking my brain as to what to do.  I have made emerging caterpillars with my class before- but that required a toilet paper holder, coffee filter, clothespin and tongue depressor for each drying time for the coffee filters.  Being that there are 55 kids I needed to prep for, the toilet paper holder would pose a bit of a challenge!

So I thought if I print a chrysalis/cocoon on cardstock and roll it to look like a toilet paper holder I could get the same effect...

Now what about that 'emerging' butterfly....hmmm....
So I printed some butterflies and practiced folding it all different ways until I got it JUST RIGHT.
fold in half

and back over

and back again

 and flip it over and do the same on the other side

And then I got to thinking...what if I had a caterpillar crawl in and push the butterfly out...

And of course I would need some type of poem or song to go along with it...

So I slid the butterfly into the chrysalis/cocoon so that s/he is 'hiding'

And then along comes the caterpillar

and as he pushes down into the chrysalis/cocoon 

out emerges the butterfly

until it is all the way out!

To play again...
Fold the butterfly back up and slide it into the chrysalis/cocoon.  Use the caterpillar to push the butterfly out!

For the interest of time (and their ages, stamina, etc!) I printed all the chrysalis'/cocoons in color but left the butterflies in black & white so that they can make them into their own beautiful creation!

As for the little poem...for the Preschoolers:
Caterpillar, caterpillar on a tree.
How hungry can you be?
Crawl in your cocoon-
Nice and tight!

Out comes a butterfly- colorful & bright!

and for the Pre-K:
Caterpillar, caterpillar on a tree.
How hungry can you be?
Crawl in your chrysalis-
Nice and tight!
Out comes a butterfly- colorful & bright!

And yes...there are 55 prepped and ready to go!

And you betcha I will be doing this with my kinders!
BUT they will be completing more of it on their own!

So would you like to give it a try with your kiddos- either at home or at school?
It's even a perfect activity for a summer camp too!
I put all the pieces- in both color and black & white together, as well as the photo directions from this blog post, in this download that you can find for FREE in my TPT Store!

All I ask is that you show your appreciation for the freebie by leaving feedback after download!

I'd love to hear how the crafts came out and/or about butterfly experiences you've had in your classroom or at home!

I'll be posting more about our little friends once they for me...I am off to cut and bend some more caterpillars!

Until next post,
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  1. Wow! This is adorable. I have the Insect Lore mini tent for my caterpillars. They are now in the chrysalis stage. Hoping that nothing happens during Memorial Day Weekend. This activity is so hands on and adorable. You are incredibly creative. Can't wait to try this with my kinders. Thanks so much!!! Regina Frazier

  2. Extra !!!! Merci beaucoup pour ce partage , il va me servir dans les prochains jours , puisque nos chenilles se sont transformées en chrysalide , d'ici quelques jours les naissances .
    Je suis assistante maternelle , votre fichier est vraiment bien fait je vais l'utiliser avec des enfants (2 ans , 3 ans et 3 ans 1/2, 5 ans, et 9 ans) ils auront plus de facilité à visualiser la naissance du papillon.

  3. This is super cute! Thanks so much for sharing! We are going to use it in our classroom this week.

  4. Love the interaction of the project! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Amazing craft for my students. Thanks for sharing. This was easy and fun... they love to color their own art.

  6. Loved the art and craft. Easy yet fun for the kids. They love to color their own art... Thanks for the butterfly

  7. Amazing!!!!! My kids loved it, easy and fun. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Just what I needed for my Joey Scouts


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