Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Blog Hop!

I'd like to start this by saying 'Thank You' to all those that have served our country, and continue to serve our country.  Your dedication and service does not go unnoticed, and the sacrifices you make are beyond what words could express.  

So as we kick-off summer and relax with family and friends this weekend, think of all the service men and women who have made this day possible!

And onto the million dollar question...drum roll please.......
Are you ready for summer?
Are your ready for bare feet, sandy toes, fireflies and fireworks that light up the sky?
Barbecued delights, watermelon bright and ice cream that is sweet and drippy?
Vacations and fun with family, lazy days and s'more making nights?
I know I am!!!

Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer and I could not be more anxious after the mounds and piles of snow that blanketed us this year!  Thanks to Old Man Winter, my Memorial Day weekend shrunk from 5 days to 3, and I have a day added onto the school year- plus 2 other make-up days we already gave back!

But...I am ready to move on from that, so lets...

I live on Long Island and am fortunate to live a short 7 minute walk from the beach!
After school we grab hands, and sometimes buckets and shovels, and walk down to the beach!

We dig for awhile...

And even fly a kite!

My boys have no idea how fortunate they are to have this as their 'playground'/'backyard!'

When summer rolls around, we bring much more down with us

...and some days we don't even worry about bathing suits!
My porch is covered in sand and shells...and I wouldn't have it any other way!

But one of their FAVORITE things about summer is...

And I honestly can't think of any kid (or grown kid!) or doesn't like ice cream (unless you a have an allergy- and even then- science has made it possible for you to enjoy this treat- in some form- too!)!!!

So my blog hop freebie is:
It will only be free during the hop (May 24th-26th)!
Feedback is greatly appreciated, as well, under 'comments and ratings' for the product's page!

My students LOVE 'read the room' activities and I have had to get very creative this year thinking of different ways to have them practice skills while reading the room!

This is my latest 'brainstorm'- they will read the room to review sight words we have learned and then use picture clues from the words they collected to fill in and finish sentences!

Next week they will be giving it its first 'go round' with a butterfly theme version:
which is part of my Memorial Day Dollar Deals- and is only $1 this weekend only!!

Since I go until June 27th, I made the ice cream version for us to use in June to 'cool us off' and 'keep learning sweet'!!  
BUT ice cream isn't just for summer, so if you are ending, or already done, you can still use this freebie as you return to school or at anytime during the year!

As for me...I am looking forward to the lazy days of summer where my boys and I get to relax by the water

and have days that are full of fun and less of rush and stress
because that is what summer, family and love is all about!

Now if you promise not to tell my boys...this is what I am most looking forward to this summer...
We're going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!

Everything has been booked for months- and have kept the secret thus far!  I CANNOT wait to see their faces when we tell them...or better yet as we venture into the happiest place on Earth!
It will be the vacation of a lifetime- although I have been there before I can't wait to live it through my boys eyes!!!

Now before you go running to the beach or your vacation destination, be sure to click to download your freebie and take a moment to enter this giveaway!

Since schools start and end at all different times, rather than me choose what product for you to win, I am giving away a $10 shopping spree in my TPT store!  Use it now for end-of-the-year activities, memory/lapbooks, centers, books & more OR save it for back-to-school fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

One last 'gift!'

I have SLASHED the prices on multiple products in my TPT Store for this weekend only!
Several of my products are only $1 or $2 this weekend- including end of year lapbook and other summer goodies!
Click HERE to find all the discounted goodies!!!

Ready to hop to your next destination?
You are on your way to Sweet Integrations!

As for me....Looks like I am chasing the boys over the dunes and heading for a dive into summer and fun!
Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
Hope to see you stop by over the summer!

Until next post,
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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm most looking forward to sleeping in this summer!

  2. I'm also looking forward to sleeping in & K Conf. in Vegas. I'll use the $ for back to school shopping.

  3. Such handsome boys! I love your freebie! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for this opportunity! I'm looking forward to sleeping in and later heading to Chicago. I would use the money to purchase back to school files.

  5. Like you, I'm looking forward to visiting the beach. We also live about 7 minutes from a beach ( on Lake Michigan). So I can't wait for the weather to warm up!

  6. Looking forward to my mom's lake house and lazy days! OK, so there probably won't be any lazy days, but I can dream :)

  7. Thanks so much for this super cute freebie!

  8. I would spend the $10 on your sea creatures emergent readers bundle. They are gorgeous!! Thanks for the freebie and thanks for sharing re your gorgeous little guys and living on Long Island. It looks and sounds wonderful. And enjoy Disneyworld. You have done so well to keep that a secret!!

  9. I have used so many of your awesome products this year. Thank you for all you do! Like you, we are looking forward to a Disney vacation this year. It is such a magical place. Like you said, it is even more special getting to do it with your kids. Thanks again!

  10. I am looking forward to vacationing with my husband and daughter on Anna Maria Island this summer. I would use the $10 credit on center activities :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. Thanks for the great giveaway!!! I am looking forward to my one trip this summer, to NY!!!! :) I could definitely use the $10 on things for next school year. Love your ice cream write the room. Thanks!!!!!

  12. Looking forward to some lazy and relaxing summer days! My husband and I will begin the building of our brand new home so I'm also excited about that! Thanks for the giveaway and I will definitely use it for back to school items! Thanks!

  13. Love the beach and love WDW! I live in Central Florida and while in high school band and chorus I played/sang at the opening of Space Mountain, the Electric Light Parade, and many others. I have enjoyed Small World with MANY school friends and my 3 sons - by far, sharing The Magic Kingdom through the eyes of my children is THE BOMB
    !! Have a lovely summer! My oldest son, now 19, will be an Americorps/Vista Teacher's Aide this summer with inner city Orlando school children in at risk elementary schools. Charlie gets to shop with my TPT money!

  14. I think I'll rest a while. I'm planning on getting everything ready for next year so I can dedicate my whole time to students. I've got my eye on the Cut, stack, staple, read early emergent readers A-Z! Those would be perfect for me, the kinders and the powers that be that want us to cut down on paper! Thanks for the chance.

  15. Concerts, reading books, beach vacation, and relaxing are all in my plans for summer vacation

  16. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I also look forward to spending more time with my little one! :)

  17. How wonderful that you live so close to the beach - I'm jealous!! :) Yay, for the Disney trip. We were able to take our first Disney World trip (with the kids - older than yours) a few years ago. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. I have a Florida pinterest board - only a few pins, but they're good. If you haven't bought Disney tickets yet you should check out their YES program. Summer--- looking forward to REST, organizing my house and teaching materials and (best of all) time with my family! What to buy? have over 500 awesome products! This is impossible! :) I'd probably choose a back to school item. Thanks for the great giveaway and freebie!!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

  18. I am most looking forward to relaxing and getting ready for my son's wedding. You are so lucky to live so close to the ocean!

  19. My favourite things to do in the summer is to take longer, more leisurely walks <3. I just LOVE to walk!!! Upon my return, I like to curl up with a good book and sit out on my condo balcony. As always, thank you for your generosity and for considering me, Jenn =).

  20. I am looking forward to sleeping in and having time to read.

  21. Have a great time this summer, Jenn! I know your kids will be on cloud 9. Thanks for the freebie too.I will have K next year I hear, so I'm certainly going to be stalking your blog!!

  22. Your boys are cute as can be and I love their pictures. Have a super time at Disney! Thanks for the blog hop gifts!

  23. I am looking forward to sleeping in and traveling. I would use the $10 for TPT shopping. :) Thanks for the freebie and the chance to win.

  24. I am looking forward to visiting my friends and family back in Asia during the summer break! I would use the $10 to buy lots of clipart!

  25. My pool and some summer reading is calling to me. We're hoping our grandson will be available for a visit at the end of the summer...tough to work out with divorced family and their own summer plans...and I'd stock up on tons of activities for work stations in TpT.

  26. We are heading to Disney this summer too! We have told the kids, and they are excited. My oldest is more excited about seeing the Harry Potter stuff at Universal and going to Legoland too. My little girl can't wait to see the princesses. Have fun!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  27. I just plan to rest up. We have a short summer. A couple of visits to Busch Gardens are in order. I would use the money to get rid for next year.

  28. I am looking forward this summer to reading by the water at my friends Lake house. I wish we lived closer to ocean or intercostal waters.... But alas we don't. Stuck in the middle of the country in Ohio.

  29. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit and catching up on my stack of books I've been meaning to read (while I recuperate from carpal tunnel surgery!)

  30. I enjoy walks with my little pekingese around my beautiful neighborhood just to take in the scenery . . . so peaceful and mind clearing. Now I will have time to tend to my garden and see the beautiful summer blooms. Yay! I haven't planned a trip yet with my companion but we are talking about it. Last but not least, gotta purge some things in the garage!!!
    Thanks for hosting this!

  31. I am sooo ready for summer! Nine more days with the kiddos! I can't imagine the end of June! Enjoy those boys!! They grow up fast! I have one who just turned 17 and he is 6 ft 3 in!!! WHAT?? snuggle now!!!

  32. Thank you for the giveaway -- I am most looking forward to spending time with my kids! It is the first time in 5 years I will have a summer that I do not either have to take classes or look for a job.


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