Friday, May 9, 2014

Have {MORE} Fun Teaching!

Do you 'Have Fun Teaching?'

This is an AMAZING site I have used with my kinders for a few years.  
I will be honest- I have only really explored the videos- but the site is packed with TONS of other FREE resources!

Click the tabs across the top of the site's homepage and find links to download FREE worksheets, activities, flash cards, tools (including links to apps, clip art, lesson plans, word lists, etc!), songs and the videos!

My kinders are especially thrilled with the The Alphabet Song!

But the sight word videos are equally as amazing and engaging!
Right now there are 18 sight word videos up for free.  If the one we are learning that week happens to be one, we play the video after I introduce the word and then again each day for the remainder of the week!  I have even caught them 'singing' the video during Writers Workshop when they get stuck on a word!

Mark Luchauer, the founder of Have Fun Teaching, contacted me so that I could let you know about an amazing movement they are hosting on the site!  I read through what he sent me, visited the links and KNEW it was something I had to share!  I am not getting paid to do this- so please don't take this as a solicitation!  I truly think this is a wonderful idea and would LOVE to see it become fully funded so that all teachers and parents could benefit from the videos he is trying to create and share for FREE!

Read all about it here:

Have Fun Teaching needs your help! They have just launched a BIG IDEA on KickStarter that will help kids all over the world learn how to read! Join The Movement - Click Here.

If this project is funded during the month of MAY, Have Fun Teaching will be creating 220 Sight Word Music Videos that will give teachers and parents a fun and effective way to help children become better readers!  
It's a hefty goal that needs to be met ($220,000) but every little bit helps!  They already have over $2,000 in donations with 25 days left to go!

Here is a sample video for the Sight Word, "IS":

Every little bit helps and you can even receive awesome Rewards for backing this project!

In addition to the rewards posted on the website for being a 'backer' (see the hyperlink above for 'Rewards'), I am willing to offer free products to those that choose to back the project, as well!

You can donate any dollar amount, with a minimum of $1!
If you make a $10 donation you name will be listed on the site.  Leave me a blog post comment with the link to where your name is posted on the site and you can select a product from my TPT Store valued up to $10 for free- so in essence- your donation doesn't cost you anything!  Just let me know in your comment which product you want, as well!

Visit the site and play the videos for your students!  You will see that it helps you 'Have Fun Teaching!'

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  1. Such a great idea to help them raise money! I really hope the project gets funded! My kids love every video they make and we watch them all daily!!!! Fingers are crossed for their project. I donated $10 but the website says it updates names every 10 backers so my name is not posted just yet, but hopefully it will be soon. I would love to grab a copy of your Kindergarten RTI & CC Alphabet Workmats/Worksheets~ Letter ID, Sound, Writing+! These would be perfect for back to school! Thanks so much! Have a great Mother's Day :)

    1. Hi Julie! Thank you so much for donating! I love them too! I will send the pack you requested on your way!
      Thanks again!

  2. Hello,
    Thank you so very much for making me aware of this Kickstarter Campaign. I just donated and I am the 83 backer (it will be updated soon). I would love to use:
    Cut, Stack, Staple, Read! Early Emergent Readers ~A to Z~
    in my classroom. We are struggling with some of those beginning sounds.

    1. Hi Ali!
      What username did you use when donating? I am trying to verify your donation so that I can send that pack to you!
      Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Jennifer, I thought that this new teacher-seller website might interest you. They have a new platform that currently offers features not offered anywhere else. They also have new features coming soon. Here is a link: Created by Teachers, Exclusively for Teachers


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