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Monday Markdown- 7/28, Back To School Lapbook & Hero Heart Fundraiser!

It's the LAST Monday in July- how is that possible?
But it is also time for...

I asked...and it appears you are all itching to grab my Sight Word Reader Bundles at 1/2 price...
I have 2 bundles- part 1 and part 2- so I will put BOTH of them on sale for this week!
This is my first set that has 29 books covering 30 words (he/she are combined in one book).
It is normally $20 (which is a discount than if you bought each pack of 5 individually) but will be only $10 this week!

This is my 2nd set that has 34 books covering 36 more words (yes/no and do/want are combined in the books)!  It is normally $25 (reduced from if you bought each pack of 5 separately) and will be only $12.50 this week!

Purchase both for $22.50- which is less than the regular price of Bundle 2 alone!!!

Not sure if they are for you?  
Try out my FREE SAMPLE!
In this sampler you will receive 2 full books- 'A' and 'Little'!  It has had over 27,000 downloads already!

So how do I use these books in my classroom?
On Monday of each week we build sentences in a pocketchart using the new word(s) and picture cards like this:

On Tuesday we review our sentences from Monday and then go onto our practice sheet.  This allows us to 'practice' using and writing the word(s) of the week:

On Wednesday we are ready to read!  We complete these books by filling in the 'missing word' (aka word of the week) and then reading our books:

The kids use their 'reading finger'- aka a plastic finger 'puppet' I purchased from Oriental Trading!
There are so many different kinds to choose from (click link above) that make reading more fun and interesting!!

In the beginning of the year, before we start making and reading our books, I have each child bring in an adult size shoe box (the kiddie size are too small!) that we decorate as their 'reading treasure chest!'

It has labels that say '_____'s Reading Treasure Chest', 'I love to read,' 'I am a reading star.' etc- I will try to remember to take a picture of them this year!!

They decorate it in school and after reading our first book, we place the book in our box and bring it home.  I tell them to keep it in a very safe spot!

Before copying my books, I write a note on the cover that says 'Time to Add This Book To My Reading Treasure Chest!' so that parents know it is a book to add to their boxes when they come home- although most of the kids are so excited they can read it they are eager to do it on their own without reminding!

As an added bonus, I ordered custom stamps a few years ago that say:
'I Can Read My Book!'
'I Can Read My Book (with help)!'

I walk around while the kids are coloring their books and have each kid read to me.  I stamp it with one of the two stamps above and add a festive smelly sticker!  That way the parents know how their child did when it comes home and if additional practice and reinforcement is needed!

They put the books in their reading baskets for re-reading the remainder of the week.

On Thursday of the week we play 'Popcorn Words' on my EnoBoard:
They LOVE doing this...and its a great way to practice reading and finding sight words!
We do this with CVC words too!

On Friday we play 'Musical Words'!  I put the words we have learned on large size index cards.  The kids sit in a circle and I hand out 1 word.  I put music on and they pass the word around until the music stops.  Whoever has the word when the music stops must read it.  If they can't they pass it to the next person (as I note who had trouble with the word) and once it is read we throw it in the middle.  We continue until we have practice our pile (or set number) of words.  Later on in the year I also have them use the word in a sentence!
I use fun upbeat music and throw in some seasonal goodies when appropriate!

They read their sight word book one last time and I send them home!

In my experience this 'over exposure' and use of the words has worked WONDERS and nearly all my kinders leave the year reading and writing our list of required sight words with no problems!

Feel free to try any of the ideas!!

If you are looking for more Monday Markdown deals and steals, but sure to check out the linky on Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations blog!

I am highlighting this one I found:
Click to see all the info about what she includes for each of these stories:
David Goes To School
How Will I Get To School This Year?
If You Take A Mouse To School
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books
The Rainbow Fish
The Kissing Hand
Hooway For Wodney Wat
The Gingerbread Man Loose In School

And if you are looking for another great deal for back to school to add to your cart...

I just uploaded this and it's 50% off for the first 2 days!
Only 1.50 and includes templates for Preschool-2nd Grade!

An editable BONUS photo prop is included too for taking fun first day of school photos!

One last thing to consider...
I am honored to be a part of 

And her fundraiser for her sweet soon-to-be-born baby girl:

She has 3 fundraising bundles that will run until August 10th.
There are 2 for kindergarten and one for grades 1/2.

You can find my Sight Word Sentence building pack (that I highlighted earlier in this post) as part of this bundle:
This pack is valued at $72 and is only $12!
The sight word sentence building pack I donated is $18- so you can get that, along with 11 other packs for less than the cost of my pack alone!

Please consider opening your wallet to help this family, and your heart open toward well wishes, thoughts and prayers.

Hoping you have a fabulous week!
I have some REALLY GREAT things I am involved in for you this week!
Stay tuned for posts and do not want to miss out on what's to come!

Until next post,
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  1. Will you explain your "Popcorn Word" game on the interactive board? Thank you! Love your ideas :)

  2. HI! My kids LOVE this! I have words projected onto my Eno board. I have a large piece of cardstock 'popcorn' with a stick. They 'scoop' the word up by sliding the cardboard piece 'under' the word and as they pull it away from the screen the word 'sticks' to the 'popcorn' and 'pops' off the screen. Does that make sense? You can find it all here:
    Hope that helps!


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