Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Markdown- July 14th!

Just another Manic that means it's time for...

Last week I offered my Interactive Notebook A to Z pack as the marked down goodie and it was well received!  Seems like a lot of people are looking to jump onto the Interactive Notebook wagon with the younger kiddos!

So this week I decided to mark down my Interactive Notebook Seasonal Bundle!

It contains 8 packs that I have separately in my TPT Store.  If bought individually it would cost $43.50, but I have it bundled for $30!
You can find the links to each pack in the bundle on the bundle's 'homepage!'

And for this week you can get it for only $20! 
(even less than when TPT runs its big site-wide 28% off sales!)

Here is just a few pictures of what the 270+ page resource for the year includes: 

I have plans of adding a few more holiday/seasonal items to the pack in the future, and you would be entitled to all upgrades for free!

My kinders LOVED working in their notebooks!
What I found most helpful was to put stick-on tabs in the book to designate areas for different curricula areas.
These are the ones I used.  I was able to cut them in half to get '2' for each tab.  They stuck on real well (even with kinder-pulling) and lasted all year! They stuck out enough past the pages/cover for the kids to easily find them!

For ex- we also went to the 'blue' section for ELA and 'red' section for math.  They were able to grab the tab, flip to that section and find the next blank page independently!  I used them for both ELA and math center activities, as well as for science and social studies!
I still have the yellow and green...I guess this year it will be green and yellow tabs!!
You can read more about if on my post from December!

As the school year is approaching, what would you most like to see as my next Monday Markdown?
Something for:
Leave me a comment with the name of the product from my TPT Store you would most like to see!  I will pick one person who leaves a comment to win their choice for free!!!!!

Have a wonderful week....I can't wait to tell you all about what we'll be up to on my post next week!!!!
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  1. The Vowel House! *Interactive Short Vowel ID Center* ~100 Cards PLUS Printables looks like a great product. I have already purchased your interactive notebooks to use this upcoming year.

  2. I would love the decomposing cookies!
    Thanks for the chance! Abby

  3. I would love Back to School and Beginning year morning work and more! You have so many great products!


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