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Teachers Are The 'Balm'! Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift!

Teacher Appreciation Week is here!
Time to let my boys' teachers know how much we appreciate all they do!

Last year I made these cups:
for the boys teachers (click the picture to get the download for free)...

But wanted to do something different this year!
At Christmas I came upon a cute gift using EOS lip balm but had already purchased the teacher gifts.  I said to myself...remember to make something like this for Teacher Appreciation Week! my surprise...I remembered!

I wanted it to be pretty and spring-y after the winter we had this year!
So I purchased some cute flower and tea party clipart from Etsy and it is:
I purchased a whole bunch of different colored EOS lip balms (CVS had the yellow 1/2 price!)
I needed 11 total!

Assembly was SUPER easy!

First cut a small slit in the flower:

Then cut the center of the flower out.  You want to leave a bit of the green so that it is snug enough the 'hold' the lip balm.  I made the mistake of trimming all the way to blue and the lip balm just fell through! 

It is going to be snug and look like it doesn't fit- that is OK!  Just keep pushing it through gently.  You may get a little tear- that is OK too (see the tear in mine!)  If it is too tight, put a few slits in the green to give it more 'give.' 

This is what the back looked like on mine (see- another tear- it is OK!) 

Looking at is 'sideways' should look like this: 
The EOS lip balm has a 'line' where the top twists off the bottom.  I used that as my guide.  I pushed it in to the line and then knew it was in right!

I wanted the teacher to know it was new, and the 'flavor,' so I slipped the cardboard sleeve into the back too! 

For the tea side, simply tape a tea bag onto the mug:

You can choose to use both by folding it in half and securing the edges with a piece of tape

Or choose to just cut on the dotted line and use just one part!

My son has a new math teacher push-in to his class 1x a week.  He was adamant she get a gift too, but I was out of EOS lip balm, so we made her just a tea one.  I had originally bought a box of Celestial Seasons 'calming' tea bags for this project, but when I opened them they were not individually wrapped (4 bags to a package), so that worked great for this one:

Now it was time to wrap it!
My original intention was to wrap each in cellophane

BUT....I ran out...and so did the store when I went to get more, so I found these tall 'Loot Bags' at Dollar Tree and they worked great too!

I made up some tags to put on the outside and label with the teachers' names.  I also wanted them to know they were for teacher appreciation since it wasn't 'mentioned' anywhere on the lip balm or tea bag templates!

So now all 12 are wrapped and ready to be delivered tomorrow!
I am off to bake a batch of cookies for the before/aftercare teachers too!

Want to do something similar for a special teacher you know?
Download the templates and tags for FREE by clicking here:

But don't go too far....
You'll want to come back tomorrow for:
Each blogger from The Primary Pack will be giving away a gift card (up to $25 each) on her blog AND there will be a grand prize on The Primary Pack that you WON'T want to miss!  It will surely put a 'spring' in your 'step' if you were to win!! (HINT HINT!!!)  

You can find out all about what gift card I chose to give away...and links to all the participating blogs and the GRAND PRIZE entry link on this post that will go live at 5am EST May 4th!

And don't forget Teachers Pay Teachers is appreciating teachers too!
May 5th-May 6th my entire store will be 20% off...use code THANKYOU for an additional 10% off!

My wishlist is overflowing...and I have racked up a lot of TPT credits from leaving feedback, so I am ready to treat myself!

Our PTA is treating us to a wonderful luncheon next week!  I hope your school treats you to something fabulous too!

Hope to see your name in the entries...or even as a winner in one of the giveaways!

Until next post,
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