Saturday, November 7, 2015

Easy Veterans Day Craft

If you follow my Facebook page you know I LOVE Pinterest, so on a recent pinterest-fest I came across an adorable and EASY veterans day project:

I found it in the morning, was able to prep the materials right before the kids were coming in and we completed it that afternoon!

Here is the original pin:
and it came from Fantastic and Fun Learning!
(You can click the link to read her 'how to' as well as her directions for assembly)

She shows you how to use a half of a 9x12 piece of paper (yes- just HALF!)
to create the project!

She chose to pre-mark all the pages for her kids (see picture above from her website).
I chose to do it a bit differently.

I marked the 'half' line going down the middle, but then showed them how to create the hat and arm/leg lines on their own.
As you can see, each looked a tad different!

I also gave the kids the options of green, brown and/or white paper.
I also showed them how to make boots instead of just black circles.

By doing so I got so many different variations of the soldiers!

(This one is no bigger than my finger stretched out!)

I let them choose to add dot painters if they'd like or they could color in some camouflage (I think they all chose the dot painters- do you blame them?!)

Earlier in the day we had read:
(and apparently they have Hero Mom too!)

We also wrote letters to both Veterans and Soldiers.
Every year I send cards to our local Veterans home, but thought they would love these even more!

Our school is also collecting leftover Halloween candy to send to the troops and we are including cards and notes, so we made a second set to send to them with another note:

Next week we will read more about Veterans
using this foldable reader.  It is also in black and white so that the kids can color their own books and they will add them to their Readers Workshop book baggies.

It also has a more challenging version

and includes this printable to check for comprehension and understanding

You can find it in this pack for $2 from my TpT Store

We'll also be using some of the activities from this pack

As a daughter and wife of Veterans, I take special pride in honoring our Veterans and I hope you will join me in doing so, as well!

Until next post,


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