Sunday, November 1, 2015

'Raking' In Some Letter Sound Learning!

Although it has been Fall for 6 weeks, the leaves are just beginning to turn and the Autumn 'nip' is finally in the air!  So this week we will be learning all about Fall and exploring leaves!

I am all about 'themed' learning, so my centers are all Fall/leaf 'inspired' this week too!

One of our centers will be for practicing identifying letters and letter sounds!

Back in August (yes- August!) I found these leaves at Dollar Tree:

I had originally bought them to make this 'pinterest-inspired' candle holder:

but after staring at them for so long, I thought of a way to use them in my classroom!

I had bought extras (with the thought of using them in a Fall-themed sensory bin) but decided to write letters on the leaves (using a Sharpie marker) instead!

My students are working on matching letters to pictures that begin with that letter/letter sound, so I made this printable to use with the leaves:

I will have the leaves spread across the table and they will pick a leaf (aka 'rake it in!'), identify the letter on the leaf, make the letter's sound and then find a picture on the page that starts with that letter.
They can color the picture, mark it with a bingo dauber or place the leaf on top of the picture (you can print on cardstock/laminate and make it re-useable too!  Dry erase crayons/markers would work for this too!)

Some of my students always finish early, so I am putting this page on the back of the printable.  They will pick a leaf and then practice writing that letter!
You could also have them write its upper/lowercase 'partner' or use the leaves to build CVC and/or sight words!

We will probably use this center for 2 weeks- one week to 'practice' and the next to 'master!'

I know other teachers are working on similar skills, but may not have covered the same letters as I have (we follow Fundations order), so I made the printables editable!  

Simply download it HERE.  It will open in Power Point.  
You can insert pictures onto the acorns (I used this set of alphabet clips I purchased) to make my set, but you can use whatever images you have available.

You can also insert text boxes to add letters and/or words to the blank acorns!
I used KG Red Hands on mine, but you can use whatever font you have available.
To make the dotted lines, I used KG Primary Penmanship (directions on how to create the line are detailed in her product description).

You can be as creative as you'd like and/or need with the leaves and printables!
Here are some ideas:
*Write lowercase letters- they match for uppercase (or vice versa)
*Write letters- they match for pictures that start or end with that letter
*Write vowels- they match for pictures that have that medial vowel sound
*Write CVC words- they find pictures to match the word
*Write letters- students gather leaves to build words (CVC, sight, spelling, etc.)

Here is an image to pin so that you remember this post and the activity:

Looking for more Fall ideas?
There is a pinterest 'make and take' linky on my post on The Primary Pack!
Come on by and see what pins others have posted and if you have a great pin to share, the linky is open for additions until 12/20/15!

I am hoping to get some pictures of my kiddos 'raking' up their learning this week so I can share this activity, as well as the other fun I have planned!

Until next post,

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