Thursday, October 20, 2016

Freaky Friday Dollar Deals...Week 4

It doesn't seem possible that we are already at Week 4 of Freaky Friday!
Hopefully you have been visiting each week and scoring lots of 'spook'-tacular resources to use with your students!
If you are new to visiting...WELCOME!  There are 2 weeks left (tomorrow and next Friday) left for you to grab dollar deals this October!

How do you go about finding the deals?

1. Click this image:

2. Use the linky at the bottom of this post to find all the participating stores!  Click the first link to ALL THE DEALS or click each individual seller to find what they are discounting for that day!

Some of the sellers are using Instagram to highlight their product and are using the hashtag #freakyfridaypegs
to link the deals together, but you won't find ALL the deals this way!

So what will you find from me this week?
A BRAND NEW PRODUCT for Election Day:

If you have used some of my other Early Emergent Reader Packs (as seen below)

 you know that each pack comes with:
*an easy-to-prep book that has 'touch points' for students to touch which encourages 1:1 correspondence
*Word cards for sentence building in a pocket chart
*Word & Picture cards for sentence building in a pocket chart/aids reading of harder words

This pack has all of those components themed around Election Day!
Since this year everyone will be talking about the election, this pack provides a way to talk about it with your earliest readers!

Here is a glimpse of what is included:

(Election Day themed books included in the picture are not part of the download.)

And let's take a closer look!

Use the word and picture cards to build sentences the students will see in the book:

Build sentences for your students to read, or have them build it after hearing you dictate the sentence.

Provide all the word/picture cards to have students change out words to make new sentences

The pack provides a reading pointer 'topper' that matches the book's touch points.
Simply print it on cardstock (I chose red and blue to match the 'theme') and attach it to either a pencil, dowel, ruler/yardstick or even tape it on top of a pointer you already have for this activity!

Have students use the pointer when reading the sentences in the pocket chart.

After students have practiced reading/building the sentences in a pocket chart, have them work in their own books!

You can select any number of pages to include in your reader.  There are different options so you can customize the books to what you want to teach your students!

To assemble the books, simply print the pages you want to include in your book (you can even make different versions for differentiation/enrichment!)

Collate the pages and send them through your copier on the 'collate' 'staple 2 sides left' mode.
Once they are copied/stapled, use a paper cutter (or scissors) to cut the books in half and you have 2 'ready to read' books at your fingertips!

Distribute books and have students practice reading.  Encourage them to touch the 'touch points' to remember to point to words while reading!

Students can take the books home to read or have them keep the books in their book baggies for re-reading and fluency practice.  They can even be brought to a 'ready buddy' event, used in guided reading instruction and/or used as a literacy center activity the week leading to Election Day!

A fun follow-up activity would be to conduct a class vote!
Included in this 
Election Day Classroom Pack is a ballot to use!

If you need another option for Election Day, be sure to check out this

If you are planning on talking about Election Day, this would be a great resource to begin discussions, cover vocabulary associated with Election Day and give your students reading practice!

Are you ready to find ALL THE DEALS for Week 4?

Hope you fill your bag with a lot of 'sweet treats!'
Be sure to check back next week for the final week of Freaky Friday for this October!
Until next post,

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