Monday, October 24, 2016

Haunted House Writing Fun!

Did you grab those cute spooky haunted house shape books from Target Dollar Spot?
I thought they would be the perfect opportunity for my kindergarteners to practice using sight words we have learned and how to construct a sentence!

My boys saw me making a sample and decided they wanted to make one too, so they got to work!

I created 2 versions because I have some students who might be able to handle 'sound spelling'

But most of my students will be using the word/picture strips so that the focus is on practicing sight words we have learned, finger spacing between words and constructing a sentence.

If you didn't grab them, you could always find a silhouette of a haunted house on Google Images and make multiple copies to staple together into a book form!

After reading a few 'haunted house' books you could use interactive writing to generate a list of what 'creatures' or objects may be in a haunted house.

Then have your students cut out the cover label and word/picture strips and/or large picture cards.
Here are 2 books I plan on using with my students.   I have read them to my boys and they love them!

Glue the cover label to the cover of the shape book and have them write their name on the line
(My son decided he wanted to add 'spooky' to the title!)

I included this as a 'title page' so to speak...

Write the sentence, glue the word/picture strip and then draw a picture to match.

Or have them use the large pictures and write their sentence to match

They could even use both the word/picture strips and the large pictures if you didn't want them to illustrate it on their own!

Working on 'speech bubbles?'  They can have their characters make a 'spooky' noise on each page!

If you students are up to the challenge, have them add their own creative spin on the extra pages (or throughout the book!)

So here are the options to offer your students with these books:

Just click the picture below to grab your free download!
(download does not include shape books)

But before you sure to stop by on Thursday 10/27!  I am hosting a giveaway for this book:

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Have fun making some spook-tacular haunted houses and hope you stop by on Thursday to enter to win the free book (entry ends Saturday at 11:59pm) and Friday to grab your $1 deals!

Until next post,

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