Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An 'EGG'-citing Way To Decompose Numbers!

About 2 months ago I 'debuted' my decomposing numbers monster in anticipation of when I would be teaching this tough concept...well...the time has come and we are smack in the middle of it!

Maybe because I braced myself, or maybe because I have a better understanding of what it is and how to explain it, or maybe because I started math centers this year and my students have a better grasp of numbers....or maybe I am just LUCKY to have a great group of kids...
Whatever the reason, or combination there of, I am happy to report that so far we are getting it!!!

In NY our Spring Break is the week leading to Easter, so I am planning a lot of 'egg'-citing fun for next week's centers.  I was trying to combine my 'theme' with decomposing numbers and thought of this really EASY NO PREP math center! 

All you will need are some plastic eggs (the bigger size works best), 2-sided counters and the recording sheets I am going to give you!  Throw in a fun basket and 'WALAH' you have your center set to go!

I am having my students work with decomposing numbers 2-8 next week, so you will find the recording sheet is based on that.  If you are doing different numbers, or want you students to focus on just 1 number, you can adjust it accordingly (as I will explain!).

These directions are based on your using eggs that hold 2-8 counters.  

1. Collect 7 large plastic eggs

2. Place 2 counters in 1, 3 in the next and so on until all the eggs are filled for numbers 2-8.

3. Print and copy the recording sheet(s):
There are 3 to choose from!  Worksheet 1 is solely for children to record the different colors they crack open.  Worksheet 2 is for you want them to write the number of counters they crack open and then have them show all the different ways to decompose that number (or use this sheet if you are focusing on only 1 or 2 numbers rather than all 2-8).  Worksheet 3 is for them to record the colors and number sentence for the counters cracked open.

4. Place the eggs and recording sheet in a basket- PREP is done!

How to Play:

Students grab and egg and 'crack' it open.  

 They organize their counters so that they see how many they have of each color.

Find the 'whole' (amount of counters in the egg) on the recording sheet and color the circles to match the counters.

Write the number sentence to match the picture/counters.
Place the counters back in the egg, put the egg back in the basket and choose another!



Color & Record:

You can have the children put the counters back in the egg and crack it again to see if what comes out is the same/different as the first time....

And they can add their own recording to show the difference! (This is a good way to offer enrichment to students who are ready for a bit of a challenge!)

If you want your students to focus on just 1 or 2 numbers, place only that amount of counters in the eggs and have them use recording sheet number 2.  They would work with only one egg and would crack it, record it, put it back, crack, record, etc so that they could see all the different combinations that can be made from decomposing just one number!

OR use it both ways...have students complete the center one way for the first week and then offer the alternative way for a second week.  No additional prep required on your part, yet another learning opportunity and way to practice decomposing numbers for your little learners!

So my kiddos will be doing this 'egg'-citing center, along with our bunny decomposing numbers center!

 For this one there are composing and decomposing mats, number sentences and recording sheets.
Students can select a number sentence (or a number card from the pack) and show the whole (put the total number of eggs in the basket) and slide the parts to the two bunnies to show how the number is decomposed (broken into two groups)

Here they show there are 7 eggs in the basket...

...and then slide 2 to the left and 5 to the right to match the number sentence.

Students can then manipulate some of the eggs to either side to show how the parts change, but he whole remains the same!

You could also have students focus on specific numbers.  They can record their number and the groups on a laminated piece of copy paper (or a dry erase board).

These are the mats/number sentences for composing numbers.

The bunnies each start with a set number of eggs and then combine them to show the 'whole' part in the basket!

My early finishers basket this month will house this game!  Students find the eggs and composing and decomposing number sentences that match the basket.  This one is only for numbers 2-5 so that there weren't too many pieces flying around and/or to give them the extra confidence they need with this skill!

The bunny pack is on sale for $2.50 through Friday night...but would you like a chance to win the Bunny Composing/Decomposing pack and/or the Egg Version pack?
Enter this rafflecopter!  It expires at 11:59pm Friday April 4th!  

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I sure hope this EASY NO PREP center helps make decomposing numbers more 'EGG'-citing for your students and gives you 'EGG'-stra time to do other prepping!

Be sure to visit my TPT Store for more decomposing and composing number goodies!
You can find them all via this link!

Until next post,
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  1. What a fun way to practice this challenging concept! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas. :)

  2. Oops! I would choose the bunny.

  3. I would choose egg! I love eggs. :-)

  4. I would choose the egg version!

  5. Egg, great kinesthetic activity.

  6. I would probably choose the egg version!!! That is an eggs-ellent choice, don't you think?! I absolutely LOVE anything Easter Egg related...especially decorating <3. Thank you for generosity and for considering me =).

  7. I love the eggs! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. That's a difficult choice. The bunny is too cute!

  9. Bunny, cause he is so cute! :)


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