Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning....Without the Bleach!

It's that time of year when you get the urge to clean out the old to welcome in the new!
This weekend the urge may be in the form of your TPT Wish List!
I know my list is brimming with products I have yet to purchase...and I have linked up with 100s of other bloggers and TPT authors for a....

So what does a Spring Cleaning (TPT style) involve?

1. Head to your 'My Purchases' and see if you have any purchases you have yet to leave feedback for.  Did you know you are missing out on credits- which can be applied to future sales?! I love that each time I leave feedback I am helping myself get a free product real soon- not to mention helping the seller's store and item shine!

2. Go into your wishlist...begin prioritizing!  Is there something you could really use to round out the school year?  Is there something that is a MUST have for a particular student/group of students to help them reach grade level expectations?  Is there something in there that is fun, new and exciting that you can't wait to try?  Keep those..and possibly even add them to your cart!
BUT...for the others that you really don't see a need- or could do without this year, remove them- its kind of like the sweater with the tags that you have yet to wear- if you didn't wear it by now, chances are you're not going to- and there's no reason to have to combat clutter come the summer!

3. Pop into some of your favorite sellers stores.  Did they post something new?  Are they having a sale?  If so, add it to your cart (you review your cart before check-out, so no worries!)

4. Review your wishlist and cart. Click 'redeem TPT credits' and use as many as you have!  And then proceed to checkout!

5. And don't forget to leave feedback for your new purchases!

Once your wishlist is all cleaned, you will be left with a sense of accomplishment...and if the closets don't get done this weekend, no worries...they will always be waiting for you- but this sale is only until 3/31!

My entire TPT store will be 15% off from March 28th-March 31st!
Click HERE to find my most recent uploads!

Below is the list of all the fabulous sellers that have linked up and are holding a Spring Cleaning Sale this weekend!
Happy Cleaning!

Until next post,
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