Friday, March 7, 2014

Lucky Centers....Rich In Fun!

Next week my centers are going to all revolve around St Patrick's day!  We will also be building leprechaun 'houses' (we don't want to call them 'traps'- what if they are listening!!)

So I wanted to share a few of my center ideas before we actually get to play and use them so that you can have a chance to make some (if you'd like) in time to use with your lucky little leprechauns!

So my guilty pleasure- International Coffee- has aided me in creating one of my centers!
I have been collecting these little containers and KNEW I would find a way to use them!
I covered the outside with a strip of black construction paper.  I didn't glue it so that I can change the paper to terra cotta and make it a flower pot to use in the next few weeks!
I had some fun gold paper, so I cut it to fit the inside of the top and cut 2 slits (and then cut through the plastic tops to match the slits).

Now they are officially pots of gold!

So for the center each child will get 12 plastic gold coins, a 'pot,' recording sheet and dice.
They will roll the dice and count out that many coins/record it.
They will then roll again for the other side.
They will put the coins in the pot... 

...and then lift the cover to reveal the answer!
When they are all done, all 12 coins go back in the 'pot' and are ready for the next lucky leprechaun to visit!

Don't have the containers or coins?
No problem!
Simply take a paper/plastic cup (you can even buy black ones at a party store) and put 2 slits in the bottom of the cup.  Turn it upside down.  Students put the coins (or pennies) in the slits and then lift the cup to reveal the sum!

I also made a large 'class' pot of gold to show composing numbers!
 Look real hard and you will see 2 holes among the gold!

Here's a better look at it!
Those holes are made from 1/2 a beverage carrying container and 2 toilet paper rolls!

First I cut the beverage container in half and then cut the middle 'circle's out of each side.
I stuffed each side with a toilet paper roll and stapled it to the container.

To fill the gaps/make it look like gold, I stapled a hole bunch of yellow tissue paper in and around it and then placed it on top of a black pot!

 This will work the same as the 'little' version mentioned above
Roll the dice, count out those coins for side 1.  Roll and count out the coins for side 2.
Drop the coins into the holes...

...and then lift off the top to reveal the answer!

I am also going to use this with number sentence cards during our math lessons.
They will read the number sentence to know how many coins to put in each side to find the sum!

Next up is Shamrock Sums!
I purchased these little pots and coins from Oriental Trading (but you can use black cups from a party store and pennies!).  The students will each get a pot, 10 coins and a clothespin.  The shamrocks cards will be spread out on the table.  They will use the coins to help them answer the number sentence... 
...and then clip the answer.

I made my set self-correcting by placing an 'x' on the back of the answer, so they can flip the card over to see if they got it correct/not! 

But the fun doesn't stop there!  My students LOVE read/count/add around the room activities, so this week it will be fun St. Patrick's Day images...and a fun little twist!

I will have these cards taped around the room and they will walk about with a clipboard that houses the recording sheet (they will answer and then record next to the letter from the card on the recording sheet)

The added twist is that in that tiny little circle you see above, is the answer to the problem!
So, they can use these fun shamrock magnifying glasses to check their answer!
To make the magnifying glass, all I did was print/laminate the shamrock templates from my St Patrick's Day Add the Room pack and tape them to my existing magnifying glasses!

And now for a fun hat craft!
All you need is 1 paper plate for each kid!
My son already took ownership of one- and my other son has his 'locked' in his bedroom so that Mommy doesn't take it to work!
Here is how you can make it:
Simply turn the plate over and draw a shamrock or pot of gold (could probably do a rainbow too!) in the center circle with a spot where it 'attaches' to the rim.
Cut out (it may need to be trimmed a bit more around the rim if the kids have a bigger head!)
They color/decorate it and then place it on their heads!

So what fun St Patrick's Day activities and fun are you planning?!
I always love to add new ideas and fun to my toolbox!

Have a great weekend!
Until next post,
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  1. You hit it out of the park again! I love your composing pot of gold :) The kids are going to be jumping for joy to try out all the new centers. Fun, fun, fun!!!


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