Monday, March 10, 2014

Magical March Fun...and a Giveaway!

March comes in like a lion...and boy did it this year...more snow!
But we are hoping our lions 'roar' all that winter and snow away so spring can come and we can play!

 How CUTE are these little lions?!!

They are super easy to make!
Take a 9.5x11 piece of brown paper and fold it in half (as you can see some folded it the 'long way,' and others the 'short way!')
Have them make an upside down U in the center and cut out- that makes the legs and save the 'U' for the tail.
I give them a 4x5 (ish) piece of brown and yellow.  They make a BIG brown circle and 'fringe' the edges and cut a little smaller yellow for the face.  Then cut a strip off the 'scraps' for the tail and attach the 'U' from the legs.  Add a face and - ROAR!  It is complete!
I love projects that are kid-centered and each is unique!

We also talk about 'lion and lamb' weather and how it changes in March when we make these books

and crowns

you can find them here:

But when the wind blows, what is the best way to 'embrace' it...
And what is March filled with....
So I wow-ed my kinders with a 'word work project'...

I gave them a piece of copy paper and had them fold it in half and half again and then trace the 'folds.'  We put dots at the top of all the lines and connected the 4 dots to make the slanted lines for the kites.  They cut and then we started the magic!

I gave them each a white crayon and called out a CVC word.
They wrote the words all over the kite and we practiced some sight words on the 'tails.'

Then I put markers out on the table and told them to color the kite... 
 ...and like 'magic' the words appeared!

It's a little hard to see in the pictures, but the words are there!
I know next time to remind them to press REAL hard!

We combined our kites and lions for a fun March outside display!
'March's Great Big Winds Have Our CVC Kites Soaring!'

We are using them for sight words, but you can personalize them to fit whatever you are working on!

Speaking of St Patrick's Day...are you feeling lucky?
Laura from Differentiation Station is hosting a giveaway!

I donated my Spring 'Roll, Say, Flip, Reveal' pack to the giveaway (if you already own it, no worries, we can work something out!)

You can head to her blog to enter or...
Enter right here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of Luck!
Until next post,
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  1. The kites are amazing!! Love the white crayons and markers. You always have the best ideas :)

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