Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Composing Monster Was HUNGRY...and other center fun!

We are in full 'addition' swing in my it was time to break out the composing numbers monster!
If you missed my post about him, be sure to click here to get the instructions and printables!

Last week they each got a turn to feed him goldfish crackers after we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish so that I could show them how it worked!  They were so amazed as he 'spit out' the crackers into one group that I knew he'd be a 'fan favorite' at centers this week!
So, over the weekend my family and I devoured cereal bars like they were going out of style and I made 5 monsters so that each child that visited the center had his/her own monster!

They rolled the dice (I keep my dice in little plastic containers) and wrote the number, rolled again and wrote the number and then counted out the counters for each side.
They fed the counters to the monster and....

....then counted up the group he 'spit' out!

After counting the group he 'spit' out, they wrote the answer on the recording sheet!

Needless to say, the monsters were a hit and ate a lot all week long!

In goes 2 and 6...

Count all 8 that come out...

Record our findings!

Be sure to download your complete set for FREE!

So what other fun did we encounter in centers this week?

'Roll, Say, Flip, Reveal' was our 'Game Center' this week!
 I made this set with CVC words (the entire pack is editable, so you can make it to whatever you are working on!)  They laid the cards out and then rolled the dice.

They read the word for that number, then recorded it...

 ...and finally flipped that piece over.

Once all the pieces were flipped the 'mystery picture' appeared!
Since we were celebrating 'Read Across America' this week, my reveal picture was about reading!

I had them then choose 1 word from the list and use it in a sentence on the back.

And speaking of 'Reading Across America,' we played this fun fish addition game from Mama Miss!
She uses dice and modge-podge... I chose to use the pieces to make a spinner!
They spin the spinner to indicate the color of the first fish and then roll the dice to see how many of that color to put in the bowl.  They repeat that again for the second color/number.

For students who are ready and have a grasp on addition, I had them record their findings into a number sentence!

Other 'Reading Across America' inspired centers included our 'find the CVC word search' using a magnifying glass!  Since we were also celebrating the 100th Day this week, I had a cat mixed in with a '100' cake!  You can get this for free here!

And we also 'read the room' for CVC words!  They found cats hiding around the room, read the CVC word on his star, found the picture that matched that word on the recording sheet and wrote the number from the cat's hat by that picture.  They nailed this one- and had tons of fun!  So much so, that I made a leprechaun one for us to do next week!

Other exciting fun this week included the 100th Day of School & beginning a 'how to' unit filled with pizza fun!  Tomorrow we'll be making 'cookie pizzas' using edible sugar cookie dough, icing, coconut and M&M's!  Be sure to stop on by again to read all about it!

Next week will be filled with leprechaun fun!  They spied me prepping for centers and are already intrigued- gold coins and small little pots will do that!!!

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