Sunday, January 10, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. Craft

Last year my son came home with an adorable Martin Luther King Jr. craft:
I snapped this picture so that I would remember to add it to my Martin Luther King Jr. week before adding it to his memory box of crafts and projects from school!

He told me they cut out shapes but I was unable to find the same idea anywhere!
Normally I like to show my kids HOW to make the shapes and then have them do it, but every once in awhile I like to throw in something that requires them to follow step-by-step directions.
Because this craft still has them add personal details, I know each will come out unique anyway!

So after making the tracers, I thought there might be others out there in search of a cute and quick craft for next week, so I put the pieces into a Dropbox link.

Here is my version of it:
using the pieces from the link.

I printed my pieces onto the colored paper, but you could also print them onto white or manila cardstock to make tracers

Once the pieces are all cut I am going to have the students follow step-by-step to 'build' Martin Luther King Jr.:

Step 1: Build the Body
1. Glue the triangle upside down to the body.
2. Glue the head on top.
3. Glue the bow tie under his chin.

Step 2: Build the Face
1. Put glue on the edges of the ears and press behind the head on both sides.
2. Glue the white ovals to the face.
3. Glue the brown circles onto the white ovals.

Step 3: Add Details
Using a black crayon...
1. Put black circles inside the brown circles
2. Add 'sideways U's' to each ear
3. Draw a circle nose and put 2 little circles inside it.
4. Draw lips and add a mustache.
5. Draw eyebrows.
6. Draw hair

You can leave the craft 'as is' or glue it to a colored background.

Looking for Martin Luther King Jr. Resources and/or something to use during Black History Month?
Here is a slide show of what I have in my TPT Store:

This is one of my favorite resources to use in my classroom:
It comes with sentence building cards and 2 versions of an early emergent reader about Martin Luther King Jr. in both color and black & white.

I use the sentence cards whole group as part of our word study block so that they have familiarity with the text and vocabulary words for independent reading time!
They keep the book in their Readers Workshop baggies for the week to practice re-reading and build fluency and then take them home the following week to 'teach' their families what they learned!

If you are searching for more Martin Luther King Jr. and/or black history resources you can find them HERE or click the links below:

Find Black History resources, as well as all February 'themes' in this pack:

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