Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Numbers to 100!

We are currently working on identifying numbers and counting to 100!
We don't celebrate the 100th Day of School until February 23rd this year, but I know many schools are already in full swing!

Whether you are planning a day of '100 Fun' or simply looking for an activity to practice identifying numbers to 100, this SIMPLE & NO-PREP activity had my kids engaged the entire time:

The materials for this activity are super simple to gather:
*Markers (you can use pencil but my kids thought they were the cat's meow because I let them use markers!)
*Counter (pennies would work great too!)

Before we 'played' we talked about a 100 chart and how the numbers follow patterns.
They are familiar with it because we count and add to our 100 chart each day!

I showed them whole group how to shake and drop the counter onto the 100 chart.
I reinforced how the counters have a SMALL drop to the chart and none should be flying upward!
We also talked about what to do if a counter lands on a line...they had the choice of either sliding it to one of the boxes it was near or to pick it up and try again.

I told them this was something we were not going to finish the first day and I wanted them to really practice naming the numbers their counters landed on OR counting to find where their number landed on if they did not know the number.

After materials were distributed, it was time to play learn!

Here are some 'in action' shots to show the process...

They had a choice at this point.
If they knew the number it landed on and could say what it was they went right to tracing, but if they weren't sure they counted until they reached the counter and then said what it was:

They continued to shake, drop, count/ID and trace for the remainder or our math block.
Many of them had about 20-30 numbers traced.

Tomorrow we will do this again and I will have them use a different color marker.
If they happen to land on a number they already traced they can say it again & traced over it again or they can try again.

It will get tougher as the board gets filled to land EXACTLY on the numbers needed, but it just offers more practice with number ID and counting along the way!

If you think this is something you would like to try in your classroom, I have put the tracing chart up for free HERE!

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