Saturday, January 23, 2016

Valentine Gift Tag

I know February isn't even here yet, but I found these fun eye pointers (rings) in Michael's right after Christmas (as in RIGHT next to the 70% off Christmas goodies!) and decided they would make the perfect non-candy Valentine treat for my kindergarteners:

Seeing that I am STUCK inside today due to the blizzard we are being hit with, it was a perfect time to get them all prepped and ready so that I can cross one thing off my never-ending 'to-do' list!

I love to play on words, so I made up some cute tags.  I wasn't sure which size would work best for the plastic eyes, so I tried out 2 and guess what...they BOTH work!
I did a set with a pink border and one with a blue border because I wasn't so sure the boys would be keen on receiving a pink paper!

I wrote my name on the tags... 

and then attached the pointers/rings! 
I tried both taping them and putting dots of glue.  Both work great but the glue took some time to dry, so if you are in a rush, go with tape!

Here they are! 

We have been using these Scholastic Science Readers in class and they are perfect at each level and for a class of differentiated learners!
So I ordered a set (20 books is $20- you get 5 of each level) and will tape the card with pointer/ring to each book and put it into their Valentine bags

I actually bought enough of these pointers so that I can send one home and they can use them in class during Valentine's week!
I will let them choose a pointer... 

and then use it for guided reading, independent reading and Readers Workshop that week! 

If you can't find these 'Valentine-colored' eyes, Michaels also has a generic set you can use!

Last year I made scratch-offs for my kids for Valentine's Day to use for a center in class and for part of their gifts:

You can read all about it HERE and grab the cards for FREE too!

Wishing you a 'love'-ly Valentine's Day...and for those stuck inside battling the blizzard...stay warm!
Until next post,


  1. What a cute idea! I love the tags and already have the rings. I went on the Scholastic site and didn't see the pack you are referring to...can you direct me?

    1. See my comment below- I thought I hit 'reply' but I guess I didn't!

  2. Sorry you are having trouble! I tried to put the link in but it wouldn't let me because you have to be logged into your Scholastic Teacher Account to see them. Log in and then type 'guided science readers' and they will come up!
    Hope that helps!


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