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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Composing Numbers....Why Not Another Monster?!!

So after posting the directions here and 'how to' pack for free on TPT about the decomposing numbers monster, I got a few questions and requests for a composing numbers version!

Luckily my boys eat cereal bars like they are going out of style, so I had another box (or 2) on hand, grabbed the card stock and got to work...and here it is!

If you made the decomposing monster, this one is a breeze!

Grab a cereal bar or cracker box (other boxes are going to be too tall), scissors, tape/glue/stapler, a knife, and printables (don't worry...I'll post the link at the bottom for you to grab them for free!)

Cut the flaps off the top of the box and then cut out a rectangle in the front using the knife.  Make sure you leave a 'lip' on each side to catch the card stock. as well as the bottom in tact to catch the manipulatives

Next measure the size of your box to the piece of card stock

Cut and retain the 'scraps'

 Put the piece in the box and make sure it 'curves' to form a slide.  Secure with tape at the bottom.  Fold over the edge on top and either tape the excess down or cut it off.

Next measure the size of the top of the box (where the 'mouths' will be).  When measuring leave extra on both sides... seen here.... that you can bend and form a place for the piece to sit nicely/attach to the box.

Next cut out a rectangle shape (or circle) on each side of the top to form the 'mouths.'  I like to fold the piece over and cut out a square so that when I open it...
...I get a nice big rectangle.  Repeat on the other side... 
and place on top of the box.

Secure to the box with tape on all sides/edges.

Time to turn this box into a monster!
Add the monster printable head and feet to the box, as well as his 'feed me' sign!
For this composing monster I chose to have his feet/bottom of his mouth come out from the bottom of the slide as a way to 'catch' the sum, but you can choose to do it differently if you'd like!

Now it's time to compose some numbers!

Put amounts in each hole/mouth...
 ...and what comes out is one set/sum!

And I can record my findings on the recording sheet:

So are you ready to make yours??!!!

and if you haven't already gotten the decomposing number 'how to' and printables, you can find it here:

Feedback as a form of appreciation is greatly appreciated!

If you have other fun and innovative ways to teach composing and decomposing numbers, I'd love to hear about it!  

Looking for more fun freebies! I am linking up with Teaching With Nancy this week for Fun Friday Freebies!
Click here to find more freebie fun from teacher authors and bloggers!

Until next post,
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