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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pumpkin Pie In A Bag!

***This is a re-post of a blog post I did on The Primary Pack back in 2014.  Since I no longer blog at that site, I thought I would share this post with my readers.***

Happy Fall Y'all!
(I always wanted an excuse to say that!  As a NY gal, we never say 'y'all!')

Today marks the first FULL day of Fall, so I thought it would be fun to 'serve up' an easy fall 'treat' that you can make with your students!
You may have read about it on my blog last October...if so...sorry for the 'repost!'
If not, grab some pumpkin, graham crackers and pudding...we're about to fill our bellies!

This is a perfect, easy, no-cook way to bring some 'pumpkin pie' into your classroom this fall, that also has your children be active participants in the process!

So here is your ingredient list & recipe:
I doubled this recipe last year because I had 17 kids.  This year I have 21...I guess I am going to have to go for triple...or smaller portions!

Before you get started here are some things to have ready:
*DOUBLE bag and use a good quality bag (freezer style would be best) for the cracker smashing and filling squeezing!  You will THANK me for this tip!

*Don't forget a can opener or open the pumpkin at home and scoop it into another container!  Nothing like 20+ eyes staring at you and a can with no way to open it!

*Have a will catch any crumbs that escape from a popped bag!

The How-To:
I started by having my kids take turn smashing the crackers!  You could easily do this step at home but denying them the chance to unleash some pent-up kid energy would be mean!
We used a meat tenderizer...a rolling pin would work as well!

Next you will measure out the pudding and milk into bags.  If making a double batch, use 2 bags...believe me...trying to conserve in one winds up making a HUGE mess!
Once the pudding and milk are in the bags, release as much air as you can and seal them tight.
Pass them around to be kneaded:

Once kneaded (it will begin to get thick), add the pumpkin:
 Seal them back up again and pass around for another round of kneading!
Once it looks like this, your filling is ready!

If you are a multi-tasker like me, you will appreciate this!
While they are kneading, 'sneak' to the table and put 2T of the crumbs into each cup:
Then snip the end of the bag and use it as a 'pastry bag' to fill up the cups.
(This could get messy!)

Here are all the cups filled with pumpkin pie!

The next part is optional, but no pie is complete without...
(Thank you Reddi-Whip for being so convenient!)

To make it even more 'authentic' and festive, I also like to sprinkle a bit of pumpkin pie spice on top:

And with your extra filling, don't forget to make some 'grown-up' size portions to bribe, butter, sweeten distribute to secretaries, administrators and custodians:

Now if you are going to a fall party this year and wanted to bring a tasty treat, this can also be made as a 'dip'!  Simply make the filling and scoop it into a bowl.  Add some whipped cream and spice on top and then have graham crackers around the side of the bowl for dipping!

If you are looking for some fun pumpkin crafts and activities to do with your class, 
be sure to check out this post:

Wishing you a fall filled with colorful leaves, crisp apples, cozy sweaters, football wins, yummy pies and pumpkin lattes!
Until next post,

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