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Magic Confetti!

If you follow my Facebook page you know that I have been trying real hard this summer to share ideas I have found on Pinterest- and other teacher blogs- to help making back-to-school a bit easier and more exciting!

During one of my Pinterest browsing sessions marathons, I came across pins for 'Magic Confetti!'

There were several versions and not one poem was exactly the same, but they each followed the same idea.
I KNEW it was something I wanted to try out for the upcoming school year!

I do not know who the original creator of 'Magic Confetti' is, or who wrote the poem, so I cannot grant proper thanks an acknowledgement, but that somebody had a real cute whoever you are...THANKS!

I had an excuse went to Michaels and got all that I needed:
*glitter cardstock
*fancy punchers
*jewelry bags
*washi tape

I could have just bought confetti, but I was not too keen on the itty bitty tiny stars and such that would've made my soon-to-be-new-parents despise me before they even met me! 

Scrapbook paper packs happened to be on sale that day (WHOOO HOOO!) so I bought the 'big pack' (I only used one of each color, so I have A LOT of glitter cardstock left for the year!) 

And then the 'fun' began...endless punching! 
(I did try to think of how I could use these scraps, but did wind up throwing them- I know I will think of something and wish I had saved them!)

After I had a nice bowl of confetti, I started putting it in the bags (TEDIOUS!):
I chose to use 2x3 jewelry bags so that they could be neatly taped to the card, but a snack size ziploc would work too!

Now to make the 'card!'
I used the majority of the wording from the ones I found on Pinterest, but changed it slightly (the last line) and then printed them out.
I chose to trim the white edges, but that is not necessary if you are in a rush:

And then cut each into 2:
I have been secretly dying for an excuse to buy and try washi tape!  I first used it to make these fun bulletin board 'tacks' after seeing Stories and Songs In Second post a picture of hers on Instagram!

But then decided I would use it to tape the confetti into the card to make it more colorful and fun!

This is what the front/back of the card looks like (I just covered up my contact information!): 

So now I have 25 all ready to be mailed out...once I get my class list that is! 

I chose to put some info on the back, but it could also be used with a plain back: 

Now for a confession!!!
My boys saw me punching out the confetti and wanted to know what it was.  I told them- but then thought- AHHH- what if their teacher sends them some too!  So I quickly added to my story that I needed to send the confetti to the 'Magic School Fairy' (I may have used Wizard) who would make it magical.  S/he would then send it back to me to give to the kids!

'Will the fairy/wizard give us some?'


'Well, of course s/he would!' are the cards for my boys!  They don't start school until 9/1, so I have some time before I have to lay it out (with a trail of magic dust too, I suppose!) for them! 

I couldn't have it come from their teacher because:
1. I don't have their teacher assignments yet
2. What if their teacher gives them some too- that would be weird
3. They are SURE to say something about it in school!

I also made a pack for our neighbor who starts kindergarten too!

So...after all that 'tweaking' of the poem, I figured I might as well have it get some use!
Here is an editable version for you to download for FREE!

It has the 'kindergarten' version just like I used (with back).  Just click the text boxes to add your name and information!

It also has a 'general' grade version (with back)- do same as above to edit!

AND...there is one for general grade from the famous 'Magic School Fairy' with a blank back!

You can make your own confetti like I did, or choose to buy confetti from a party store!

You will also know my version includes a disclaimer!  If parents are not comfy with their kids 'dumping the bag' under the pillow, it says it works just the same from the bag- either under their pillow or from their table/dresser!

Enjoy...and best wishes for a wonderful school year!

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