Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Parent Pamphlet for Kindergarten!

In just one short week I begin year 16!
I have learned a few tricks over the years...and one is to inform parents right from the start!

So that is why I send home a parent pamphlet to help parents prepare for Day 1 of Kindergarten!

There are so many questions about that famous 'first day' and the pamphlet helps ease some anxieties and gives them a 'heads up' on what to expect!

Here is the front/back.
I found a poem similar to this one, but have tweaked it to fit me/my classroom a ton of times!

Here is an up-close of what I have in each 'section' of the pamphlet.  I have blocked out personal/contact information on the picture, but obviously it is there for parent's use.

To print them, I simply choose 2-sided (flip on the short edge):
and then they just need to be folded and are ready to mail!
(I do trim the sides a bit so that they neatly fold into each other, but that is the OCD in me!)

I posted the above picture on Instagram and got a request for it, so here is an editable version!
There are 2 versions- choose the one that will work best for you!
To edit, simply click in the text boxes I have put in!
You will need these 2 free (for personal use) fonts if you want it to match:
(if you download them before your download the templates, the fonts will open as I have set them!)

Get your FREE templates HERE!

In the envelope with this pamphlet will also be the Magic Confetti for my new students!
You can read all about it and get your free editable poem card here!

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Hope the pamphlet makes things easier as you prep for back-to-school!
Until next post,
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