Monday, August 24, 2015

Notebook and Cereal Box Make-Overs!

Today I am posting over on
The Primary Pack
all about my notebook and cereal box make-overs!

You'll see how I barely spared my fingers cutting notebooks into 2!

They are all ready to be math journals and readers/writers notebooks that are color-coded for an easy & independent find! 

And I show you how to add ribbons to the books so that you have...

I also demonstrate step-by-step for turning a cereal box into a book bin!
It can...


So come on by and read the post!

But before the day is through, be sure to stop by and check out some amazing 50% off deals!
My friends and I have a week of fun planned!
There will be amazing deals and freebies!

Today's deal is 50% Off for 1 Day Only!

I use these cards to build sentences every Monday in my classroom!
(You can read all about it here.)

It has really helped my students understand how sentences are built, sight word fluency, reading fluency and so much more!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the 'Tuesday' deal!
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