Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Too Much Glue! Been There, Done That!

The boys and I recently checked out the 'School' section at the library as we prepare for Back to School!  
I found this GREAT book:

It is about a boy who L-O-V-E-S glue...the more glue the better!

BUT his art teacher warns him...

Do you think he listened?

(How often have you seen this expression...this mess...this double fisted glue-crazed kiddo?!)

Well after he makes this 'too much glue' creation, he decides to jump in and become a part of his masterpiece...only problem...school ends in 30 minutes and the glue won't dry in time!

Page after page classmates and school workers try everything in their power to free Matty from his glue-sterpiece, but nothing works!
They have to call in his Dad...another glue lover!

I don't want to spoil how the story ends, but kids are sure to enjoy this silly message about too much glue!

I always do a glue use lesson the first few weeks of school with the famous phrase:
'A dot, a dot, a dot of glue will do!'

We talk about 'glue goobers' and practice putting just dots of glue on the project we are working on that day.
I also use these in my classroom:
They are 'tap and glue' caps.
It only allows a 'dot' of glue out with each tap!
(I discovered them via a library program my boys attended back in 2011 and have been using them every since!  They don't clog and they can't squeeze them!)

Each year I take off the orange caps, replace with these red caps and we are good to go!
In June, I take the red caps off and throw them in a bottle basket in the dishwasher and they are all cleaned and ready for the following year!

But I do worry that when my kinders 'graduate' from my class and head to first grade they won't know how to use the famous orange tip glue bottle properly!

So this year I might break them out at some point and give them a try...I'll decide after I meet my new crew next week!

In any case, I came up with 2 activities to supplement the book...one to 'teach' about glue use and one just for fun!
To make sure they worked as I envisioned, I had my two best 'test subjects' give them a try!
First we tried out the 'raindrops!'
For the 'raindrops' activity, simply have the kids put a dot of glue in each raindrop!

I put a few drops of blue food coloring into the glue bottle to make them the color of rain, but you can do it with plain white glue too!  You could even have them color the raindrops blue first and then put a dot of white glue on top so that when it dries it makes a 'shiny raindrop!'

(this one was completed by my very soon to be kindergartner!)

Make the colored glue and then put it in a center!  Students could practice dotting with all different colors!  You could use the mini glue bottles if you want a variety of colors and don't want to dye entire bottles of glue!

Next was the 'decorate the kid!'
First we filled in the shape with glue...

Until the whole space was full!

This Pampered Chef bowl worked great!  It helped hold everything we needed to decorate our shape!

We read the story and then got to work!

Here are our 'glue-sterpieces!' 

A few tips...
First I would print it on cardstock to make it a bit sturdier!
Either let them go glue crazy or you can spread the glue!
They can add in googly eyes, macaroni, string/yarn, scraps of paper/tissue paper, etc much like Matty did in the book!
Then lay them to dry and show students how long it takes for something with TONS of glue to dry! 

Another alternative is to slip the printable into a plastic sleeve (like we did above)!
Have students create their 'glue-sterpiece' the same as above and allow it to dry.

Once dry, peel it from the plastic (much like Matty's dad did to him in the story) and they can then take that home!
Punch a hole and add a string to make it a necklace/hanging project or put magnetic tape on the back (like Matty's dad did in the story) so that it can be hung on the fridge!

If you are nervous the kid activity will give them permission to be glue goobers, simply stick to the raindrop activity!

If you need more practice, I also found this cute idea about 'glue use' on Pinterest:

Be sure to download the FREE printables to go with Too Much Glue!

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Hope you stay glue and sticky free this year!
Until next post,
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  1. I will have to check this book out! I love Decorate the Kid. Very creative.

    Daisy Fryer at Not Your Mothers Math Class


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