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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lets Read About Penguins!

For the past 2 years I have had 'Make Penguin Early Emergent Readers' on my 'to do' list...and every year winter comes and goes and I never get to it, so I moved it to the top of my 'to do' list for Winter Break and am so excited to finally have them done!  I tested them out with my 2 boys and I can't wait to use it with my kinders!

My original idea of a few readers 'snowballed' into a pack of 11 Informational Text Readers that PreK-1 students can read independently!  PLUS it has a fun 'carrying case' and more....

Here is the 'carrying case' with all the goodies!
The pieces come in both color and black and white so you can choose what works best for your classroom!
It is made from a file folder (although you could also use a 12x18 piece of construction paper).
You can choose to include the optional back writing activity, but it is not necessary!

There are 11 books- each in color and black and white.
There is a book for each of the following penguin types:

PLUS a 'review' book that mentions all the penguins! 
 There are also 'fact cards' in both color and black and white!
Students cut/read/paste the facts to each penguin type based on what they learned from the books, discussions in class, read alouds or by using the large scale display fact cards that are also included in the pack!

These are the 'large' scale fact cards.  Use them while you are learning about each penguin type, use on posters, to display at centers, for partner learning games and more!

Also included are 3 different types of crowns- you can use them to differentiate and/or find which works best for your classroom!

The versions include:
~Students color the 10 types of penguins

~Students write their favorite type of penguin (seen in photo) & color from the line-up
(the strip can be used for students' name and/or to write a penguin fact)

~Students write their favorite penguin, draw a picture and write facts about it

I also have this cut/match/paste printable in the pack.  It is a good way for students to learn how to 'reference text' to find the answers!

To make sure it was 'kid approved' I had my son try it out!  He is just learning how to read and is SUPER excited about reading and VERY proud of his efforts!

I am going to start by saying...please ignore that he is wrapped in a blanket!  He loves to hang out in his undies but didn't think they would make for appropriate pictures!!  We compromised on a 'penguin colored' blanket!

The text is simple and each book starts the same... 'This is a ____ penguin.' so it was easy for him to pick up!  He did need some help with penguin names, but loved finding sight words he knows in the text, as well as words he could sound out!

The books also allow for him to practice pointing to words as he reads and he was so happy he could read about penguins all by himself!

He wanted to make the crown so that he could read the rest of the books like the 'King Penguin!'

I picked the simpler of the 2 'write in' crowns- and he looked at all the penguin types and choices and decided "Macaroni" was his favorite because it was like 'Macaroni and Cheese!"

He circled the penguin from the 'line-up' and then copied the word onto the line!

He colored his favorite, as well as the 2 on the strip and added his name
(You could have students write a fact/why it is their favorite in that place too- or use a sentence strip to attach the crown to the child's head)

And he was all set!

Now it was back to reading the books and fact cards in his penguin pack!

And when he was all done he put all the books and fact cards back into his little carrying case!
They are currently under his bed as he takes a nap because he doesn't want anyone reading his penguin books while he is sleeping!

I think it is safe to say these books are 'kid approved!'

Want to try it out with your little readers?
I made the Emperor Penguin book a freebie for you to try out!
Just click the cover and download it from Teachers Pay Teachers!
I'd love to hear what you think about it in the form of feedback after download!

And as part of the 'Countdown to a New Year' deal, for today only- Wednesday December 31st- the Penguin Pack of Reading Fun is 40% off!

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It has 18 'print and go' activities geared for grades K-2 with a New Year or Winter theme!

From me you will find a New Year mystery code printable!
that is part of my New Years Super Pack!

It is perfect as a morning work, do-now, center extension activity or indoor recess choice for the week we return from break!

In addition there is a linky for free and paid winter products from various sellers on the same post!

This is likely to be my last post of 2014, so I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!
I have some fun things planned for 2015...including a belated 1st 'Blog Birthday' Bash!
Until next post,
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