Monday, December 29, 2014

It Is Time To Ring In A New Year With Our Hand & Foot Projects!

How can it be the end of 2014 already?!!
My 'to do' list still has so much on it....not sure how to finish before the ball drops...
We did finish one thing!

Our Annual New Years project...I say 'annual' as if I have been doing it for years...last year was the first year I did it- but plan to continue for as long as they let me...or I can bribe them!

Look at how much they have grown since last year...

This year they wanted to do all the writing on their own and you can read every letter in their name!
You can find out about our 2014 projects here!

Want to try it is the 'how to!' these labels for free!  You don't have to print on labels- you can just print and cut on regular paper or use a full sheet label.  These will fit on 2x4 mailing labels.

Here are the 2016 labels:

Here is the 2017 labels:

Next gather some paint and paper!
I used a poster size oaktag that I cut in half so that I had one for each boy.  Last year we used a 12x18 piece of construction paper (but I wasn't sure it would all fit this year!)

I used craft paint so that I would get a bold color contrast on the red oaktag.  You can use fingerpaint paint too- but the color won't be as bold.
Paint each hand- I used a foam craft brush.  And place it down on the oaktag.

Next is the feet....which are a bit trickier!
I had them first step in the plate of paint and then I filled in the gaps with the brush!
Having them lean on me, I had them step on the oaktag.

I placed the hands and feet together so that I could label them with '2015' later on, but how you decide to place them is totally up to you and your creative juices!

DO make sure you have wipes and/or wet paper towels on hand or you'll be scrubbing hand and foot prints off your floor straight into the New Year!

After the hands and feet were dry I had them write their names on the bottom of the poster with a marker.

I also sat with them to help them fill out their labels- although they didn't want much help this year!!!!

Here they are all filled out and ready to be placed on the poster!  So proud!!!

I cut out the '2015' so that I could put a number on each hand/foot, but again, you decide how you want to place the labels!  There is no right/wrong way!  If your child is real young and can't tell you the answers to the questions, you can simply write in their stats/favorites!

This year I decided to add a picture to the poster!

And now they are all ready for the New Year!
I hang these on our 'art wall' for about a month and then I tuck them away with all their other keepsake art!

It was fun to pull out last years projects and compare how much they grew- both physically and 'academically!'  

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Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year!

Until next post,
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  1. Hello! I absolutely love this project and would love to do it with my class at the start of the new year. I was wondering If you could please update the year to 2016? Thank you!

    1. Hi Macy-
      I was just logging on to update this exact file! Here is the link:
      Enjoy and Happy New Year!


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