Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fine Motor Practice Meets Holiday Decorations..Plus Elf Fun and Day 3 of 13 Days of Christmas!

Some of my kinders continue to struggle with fine motor activities...
so today we broke out those scissors and decked the hall...literally!

Each one of them created an ornament and a candy cane, as well as a whole bunch of 'lights'!  My room was a construction paper flurry of fun!  But our finished product not only met my objective but...shines bright!  I couldn't be more impressed and proud of their attention to detail and enthusiasm!  

My kinders were over the moon excited to find 'Jolly Candy Cane' in our Book Nook today and found it hysterical that he actually picked out what our read aloud was for the day!  They told everyone they came into contact with throughout the day all about 'Jolly Candy Cane's' antics!  I love the innocence of children!!!

So what is good old Jolly up to now...

He's using our connecting cubes/unifex blocks to make a Christmas tree!  I am hoping the idea 'inspires' some of my kinders to do the same- and think of other ways to use unifex cubes to create other holiday images!  It's going to be quite tricky navigating around him tomorrow without touching but they are SERIOUS when it comes to him and his magic!  He is also leaving some fun and festive pencils to inspire fabulous writing!

And now to Day 3 of the 13 Days of Christmas Hop!

Day 3 is brought to you by...

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Happy Hopping...Happy Holidays!
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