Friday, December 13, 2013

Santa Letter Writing...More Elf Fun...Day 5 of the Blog Hop!

So...Jolly Candy Cane's choice of 'listening center' was WELL received by my kinders!  They spotted him pretty quickly and all corralled around! They were SHOCKED that he was able to get Clifford and Pete there too!
Jolly has chosen to go digital for today....

He typed them a message and is hanging out on the keyboard with the mouse!
But that's not the only 'elf'' in my home we have 'Rudy!'  So when my boys wake, they will find that Rudy has selected what books to read for 'quiet book time!'

I don't think they will be upset with his choices in the least!
Guess Who We Wrote To Today??!!!!
(Image Courtesy of Melonheadz)


The high school students in my district do a wonderful thing- they answer Santa letters from the elementary students...and then come dressed as elves to hand deliver the letters!!!  The faces are priceless- and each child walks away with his/her own response!  

So, today for writing we broke out the 'fancy paper' and went to writing!  
Most of these samples are independent!!

 make-up please!

                                                                                        action figure! 

 Power Ranger mega sword- he knew how to spell Power Ranger all on his own!

Barbie Legos and a doll!
My personal favorite- and done completely independently- 'a lot of American doll clothes.'

If it was up to me, they are all on the 'NICE' list and shall get their wish-listed gifts...BUT...I must leave that decision to the big man in red!

BUT...since YOU are on the NICE list, you will be granted another freebie and a chance to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway!

Day 5 brings us to....

Which is brought to you by...

Be sure to stop by his blog to grab the freebie and be entered into the giveaway!
He also a great center idea posted using bows and holiday words!

Happy Holidays!

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