Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Scout Elf Adoption, Polar Express Re-Telling, Holiday Gifts & More!

I am not sure who is going to be more excited about or my students!
Today we are going to make our very own scout elves!

 Thanks to a wonderful idea I found on Heidi Songs blog and a little elf magic on my part, my students will be leaving my classroom today with their very own elf- along with an official adoption certificate!  They have the option of using Jolly Candy Cane's official elf naming dice or thinking of a name on their own!  The adoption certificate has been signed by Santa Claus (and a space for me to sign as a witness!) and sprinkled with special elf dust!

I pre-wrapped the tp holders and used a paperclip to secure it- but they will make their own head, arms, legs, mittens, boots and hat!  I cannot wait to see how these turn out..and their smiling little faces as they leave with elf in hand!

But that is not all I found on Heidi Songs blog!  Check out these tree hats we will be making!

She has it for counting by 10s, but since we are working on numbers 1-10, I modified it a bit!  They will be cutting out the ornaments and star and writing the numbers.  The trees are pre-traced using the tracer Heidi provides on her blog.

Polar Express Re-Telling

My students knocked my socks off yesterday with their ability to re-tell and sequence the story!  We used story re-telling picture cards and then they made their own re-telling trains!  They fold up to look like a little book- pull it open and you get a nice long train that sequences the events in the story!

When I saw some struggling with getting the pictures in order, I added the numbers, but for the most part, they were all able to complete the story sequence craft independently!

You can find all the retelling cards and craftivity here:

Today we also finished up our parent gifts and wrapped them up!  There are a whole herd of reindeer just waiting to surprise Mommy's and Daddy's at our Kindergarten Concert and craft party tomorrow!

The behavior management idea I blogged about a few days ago is working beautifully!  Here are our Friday one of the tables will get a special prize left by Jolly Candy Cane!

Speaking of Jolly....where will he be found today?

Hanging out with the sample elf- holding a note that explains all about the naming dice and adoption certificates! class isn't the only ones who will find a special surprise today...

My boys have a special little lunch to find today!   Friday I have a fun reindeer sandwich idea in store, but just had to give them a little Christmas love at lunch today!

Don't forget to visit Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners for Day 10 of the blog hop today!  She has a fun writing prompt freebie waiting for you...and a chance to win her polar bear unit!

Happy Holidays!

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