Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Elf Has Arrived!! Other Holiday Fun and Day 2 of the Christmas Blog Hop!

An extremely exciting package arrived in room 66 today....

Our Very Own Elf!

Our elf came with specific instructions...
1. Open the bag but do not touch!
2. Roll me a name!
3. Write the name on paper so that he could practice it tonight!

We rolled three times and voted on the name...
and as you can see... Jolly Candy Cane was the winner nearly hands down! I was particularly partial to Holly Sugar Socks!

As instructed, we wrote the name on paper and left the markers for Jolly Candy Cane to practice!

And look at what a wonderful job he did!!!! Tomorrow morning my kinders will find his writing sample, along with a note thanking them for the great name choice!  He is also leaving them a package of BIG pencils- up until now we were using golf pencils- but Jolly Candy Cane feels we are ready for the big ones!

But where is Jolly??

He is in our Book Nook holding his choice for our read-aloud! 
I cannot wait to see their excitement tomorrow morning as all our elf fun begins!!!

SO what else were we up to???
This is my first year with this project and I am already in love!

We first read 

and then charted how we would help Santa:

I am in love with number 6!  How creative!!!  And as a disclaimer, as pronounced by one of my kinders...the 'tree' is not the pointy end but the flat end like they use to push things in cartoons!!!!

Then it was time to make our project!
Super simple!

Want to give it a whirl?  Here are approximate measurements for the paper I used:
1 9x12 red rectangle (chimney)
1 9x6 white rectangle (snow cap)
2 4.5x3 red rectangles (legs)
1 2x2 yellow squares (buckles)
2 4.5x3 black rectangles (boots- I pre-cut them)
2 4.5x3 white rectangle (fur)

I showed them how to make the 'bricks,' 'squiggles' for snow cap/fur and then let them go!  I am BEYOND impressed with the final display!  And it has already captured the attention of some colleagues!

Other holiday fun...

When we learn a new sight word we always play a game where we hide a 'bug' behind a word- the children close their eyes while the 'bug hider' slips it behind a word.  Then they must ask 'Is the bug hiding behind the word...' (many of my students are ELLs, so we work in a language enriched classroom!).  Once the bug is found, that person then hides the bug until all words are flipped- and then that person becomes the first one to hid the bug the next time we play. we did 'hide the elf!'  I love adding festive holiday fun to our regular day to day activities!  A small little elf clip art image worked magic in my classroom today!

12 shelves were hidden around the room with a picture clue and sight word.  As students visit that center this week, they find the picture clue on the recording sheet (front/back) and then write the corresponding sight word on the sheet!  To make it a bit more fun, they used candy cane pencils!

We are working on our was the preliminary step...hand prints!  
Come 'Day 8' of the 13 Days of Christmas blog hop (my day!) be sure to stop back to see how they came out, how to make them for yourself and a little poem to go along with it!

Speaking of the Blog Hop...

Day 2 brings us to ...

Be sure to stop by her blog for your freebie and enter the rafflecopter giveaway!
Stay tuned for where to hop to tomorrow!
Happy Hopping...Happy Holidays!
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