Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Project Fit For A President...or Two!

Today was Abraham Lincoln's Birthday and next week is George Washington's and Presidents Day...but as a NY teacher, I have off next week.  I don't want to slight good old George, so we do this little project every year:
 A 2-sided President Project!

That's right!  One side is Honest Abe- flip him over and it become good old George!

This project AMAZES the kids every does it turn into another President?  How does the hat turn into a shirt?  I have witnessed (more than once) a kid flip his/her project over repeatedly to figure it all out!

I have the pieces pre-cut for this so that I can ensure they will fit together.
We glue the head to the blue shirt and then match the black hat to the shirt.
They we work on Abe...
give him his beard,
face and write his name!

Then we flip him over and work on George (unfortunately my picture of this did not save to the memory card!)
We add the collar (1/2 doily),
face and then pull and stretch cotton balls to make his hair.
Add his name to the shirt and ...

Here they are!
2 Presidents...1 Project!

When I hang them in the hall I stagger them- Abe, seen here!
They were still drying (and we are most likely going to be out for a snow day tomorrow) so I don't have the display up and ready quite yet!

You can find the patterns for this in my Presidents pack, but feel free to use the pics above to create your own 'patterns!'  

If we aren't snowed out tomorrow, we'll be working with our Abe Lincoln foldable reader and cut, stack, staple read President fun to round out our Presidential learning and fun!

Click HERE to see everything I have for President's Day!

And since I wasn't sure if we'd be in, we squeezed in a heart hog project today too!
How 'stinkin' cute are these?  And I especially love the unique hog in the upper left hand corner!
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