Friday, February 28, 2014

Having Fun and Learning...the Kindergarten Way!

Today was what I had imagined every day in kindergarten would be like when I started teaching!
We worked with so many things 'hands on' today that I am thinking our pencils may have been a bit lonely today!

We started the day with some play doh math!

We are working on addition- joining groups- and just introduced the addition sign.
Yesterday was all about the connecting cubes- and they got it- so today I wanted to have a little fun!
I gave each one of them a ball of play doh and that was their 'work mat' today!
I'd write a number sentence on the board and they used the backs of their pencils to 'stamp the problem' and then answer it!



I even had a HUGE ball that stuck to my Eno board!  

Each time we had a new problem I would say 'erase it' (and they would roll it into a ball) and then 'get it ready for the next one' (press it flat on the table).  

They were so excited about doing math with play doh that they were mad when I told them it was time to clean up for snack!

Time for word work!
We made some -at family rhyming hats after listening to The Cat in the Hat!

They also read 'Silly Cat' from my Foldable Rhyming Readers pack and used it to help them fill in the -at words on their hat!  
You can find them here:

They proudly wore those hats for the rest of the day!

Later on we moved onto writing!
We have been working on introducing 'How To' books.
In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday on Sunday, we made red & white striped hat...cookies!
(You can read all about how I introduce 'How To' writing to kindergarteners HERE!)

They are SUPER easy...and since we charted a 'How To' on how to make them, here is what you need to do:

Gather ingredients:

Spread the icing on the cookie: 

Place a gummy on the icing.  Then repeat...icing, gummy...

...icing, gummy....

...and keep building until all the gummy life savers are out! 

...and now that our hat is is time to eat!

Mmmmmm!  Yum!

But our fun did not end there...
Science time...mixed with a tad of Dr Seuss influence brings us...OOBLECK!

Now if you have never made this with your class, I HIGHLY suggest it!  The excitement shrills and 'this is the best day ever' will make it all worth it is super easy AND not as messy as it looks!

We started by reading Bartholomew and the Ooobleck by Dr. Seuss
The kids were CONVINCED my 'magic potion' was in fact made of wet mouse hair, whiskers, onions, etc from the story- but it was merely Borax soap dissolved in warm water!

We mixed glue and water with a bit of green food coloring and then waited and watched as I poured in the the 'magic potion'!  And within a blink of an eye it transformed into....OOOBLECK!

I showed them some 'oobleck tricks' (let it sit and it turns flat and cold, put it on your crayon box and it takes the same shape, let it hang over the desk and it will go all the way to the ground) and then sent them on their merry way....
 In no time, it was hanging off every desk in my room!

And it stretched in our hands too!

You'd have thought it was Christmas!

So each little one got his/her bag of oobleck to take home...and I am hoping the parents are loving it and me as much as their kiddos did today! ;)

Here's the 'recipe' for Ooobleck (I times this recipe by 4 for the class)
*Dissolve 2T in 1/4c warm water and set aside
*In another bowl, mix 1/4c. white glue and 1/4c. water along with some food coloring (we did green based on the book, but it can be whatever color you choose!)
*Add the borax mix to the water/glue mix and you will see it start to form a solid!
*Pour off the excess water and distribute for tons of fun, excitement and joy!

We are going to continue our Dr Seuss fun next week...with our 'read the room' fun...and will also FINALLY be celebrating the 100th Day of School, so I made this 'CVC Search' for my kiddos for phonics center for next week.  Even if your 100th day has passed, you could use it and tell your kids the cake is to celebrate Dr Seuss' birthday- they will have no idea his real age (87)!

Students use magnifying glasses to find the hiding CVC words (4 for each vowel) and record the words they found on the sheet.  They can then can color the picture or read to the whole class!

Enjoy the freebie!  Let me know what kind of Dr Seuss fun you were up to this week!
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  1. I will say it again, I want to be in your class!!! That sounds like a perfect day :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you for the fun ideas!! I love the little cookie hats. We aren't allowed to use food anymore, so I am always jealous of the cute food based activities! Thank you too for the freebie (and for linking up!). My kids love using magnifying glasses!

    Hanging Out in First!

  4. In your recipe for Oobleck, the first line says to dissolve 2T in 1/4c warm water and set aside....what do I need 2T of? My daughter can't wait to make this! GREAT IDEAS!!

    Thank You,

    1. Hi Jayme-
      2T of the Borax soap!
      Have fun!

  5. In your recipe for Oobleck, the first line says to dissolve 2T in 1/4c warm water and set aside....what do I need 2T of? My daughter can't wait to make this! GREAT IDEAS!!

    Thank You,


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