Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Using Lessons for the Heart Freebies!

Have you had a chance to download and use any of the freebies from the 'Lessons From the Heart' eBook yet?  I did...and I am excited to share with you what my kiddos did!

If you haven't downloaded the book yet, here it is:

I blogged about my freebie that is in the book, Who Will Win the Medal? Ordinal Number Game, back on February 1st, but am now going to share 2 great resources I 'snagged' from the eBook and used in my classroom this week!

First one comes to you from Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners!

It is a set of CVC puzzles for short a!
She has 6 sets of heart puzzles for -at, -am, -an, -ad, -ap and -ar.

I had my kids work with 3 puzzles at a time.  

They really did great matching them up and had fun doing so!

Once they completed all 3 they had to them flip them over...

Where they checked to see if the same numbers were on the back of all 4 pieces (I numbered the puzzles 1-6 since there were 6 sets.  You could also do all of a set has a similar shape or color marking on the back).  

If they all matched they knew their puzzle was correct!

 BAM!  All correct!

The next morning I had those students complete the b&w printable she provided in the set for extra review and practice! 

It is a great set...and although it has a heart shape that one would assume means it is a Valentine product, it really can be used all year long because...we HEART (LOVE) CVC/word family practice!

The other freebie we used this week came from Teaching With Nancy!

It is a set of clipping cards for upper to lowercase matching.

The cards come really big, so what I did was choose 'print 2 to a page' on my printer and it made the cards half the size.  Then I put a hole punch in each card and attached with a binder ring.  I made 4 sets and put them on my guided reading table.  For one of my lower groups I passed them out and had them clip the letters as part of our word work.  They were 'just the right size' for little letter learner hands!

I marked the back of the right answer with a dot.  After they clipped, they flipped it to check if they were right.  If so, they went on to the next letter, if not, they tried again!

I had printed one of the sets of cards at the regular size (that's when I realized how big they were) but didn't want to 'waste' the ink and paper, so I turned those into ABC ordering cards... 
They too were on a binder ring.  I took off a section at a time and gave it to a kid (about 5-6 letters) for them to put in order.   

I also used the lowercase letters from the top that I had cut off for a upper/lowercase matching after the letters were put in ABC order!
And the extra letters that weren't needed for letter matching, I used with my higher groups for making CVC words (sorry- no picture- I ran out of memory card space!)

There are many other wonderful freebies in the eBook and I wish I had time to try them all out!
Be sure to download the book (link above) and try out some of the fab freebies yourself!

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  1. So glad your kids enjoyed the CVC puzzles! What a great idea to make them self checking with numbers on the back! :)


    Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners

  2. we have been preparing for the anticipated snow as well this week and so we have "doubled up" on our centers. my co-teacher said to me, so if we actually do have school, then what? :) now i can let her know that we will be completing some of the activities from the "lessons from the heart" e-book! thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!!!

  3. Love the idea of putting the clip cards on a binder ring!



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