Saturday, February 8, 2014

Compose, Decompose, Add & Subtract...With Laminate Scraps!

As the digital teaching resource world is 'taking over' I am finding that I am laminating more and more!  If your laminator is anything like the one I use at school, you wind up with scores of 'scraps' from the 'beginning' and 'ending' of your laminated goodies!  Each time I cut out my laminate I think 'there HAS to be a way to use this!'  And it finally came to me...I can use it to demonstrate addition, subtraction, composing and decomposing numbers in a fun, hands-on, interactive way for my kinders!


My kinders will be starting our addition unit within the next few weeks and after a 'battle' last year as we embarked on 'composing and decomposing' for the first time in kindergarten, I have been racking my brain on how to make it more tangible for my kiddos!

So how did the above pictures come to be?

First, I cut out what I had laminated and saved the extra clear from the beginning and end.  I then cut it into strips, and then squares (about 2x2).  I also used the 'extra' left overs from the cardstock I had laminated to make number cards (I had laminated a great set of CVC puzzles from Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners [as you can see in the scraps] that I intend to use next week.  Once the puzzles were cut, the scraps were the perfect size to make number cards!)

Next up was to make the 'scraps' into playing pieces!  I found fun stickers (some I even got FREE from Highlights magazine!) and stuck them on the scraps.  I varied the amounts on the squares from 1-5.  You can do as many as you need/what you are working on!

I then labeled some plastic cups to match the amounts on the scraps and playing cards and sorted them.
You can also use International Coffee canisters- I have so many of them stored up!  I am thinking of wrapping them in some fun scrapbook paper and using them instead!

I made up some general templates and then got to 'playing!'

Here is a simple one to start with- especially if you are trying to teach what the equal sign means.
1 sticker = 1 sticker
2 stickers = 2 stickers
3 stickers = 3 stickers
and so on!

Then move onto this template- either with or without boxes.
Start with adding on 'just one' and then try different amounts.

When your kids are ready there is an addition work mat (composing) that has 3 and one with 5 spaces to practice building number sentences.  Either have students construct them on their own or 'call out' a sentence for them to show you!  They can also roll a dice to 'build' the number sentences! 

You can also practice decomposing!

 When you are ready, move onto subtraction!  Students can literally 'take away' the stickers because they easily peel right off!  What a great 'visual' and 'tactile' experience for all of our different learners!

So are you ready to grab those scraps and give it a try?!

You can find all the templates I shared above (and more) in this $2 pack:

Think of all the fun you can create for your students!  Make seasonal sets, fun licensed character sets, holiday sets, animals and so much more!!

Want to win the pack above?  Leave me a blog post comment!  I will select a winner on Sunday evening!

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  1. I'm pinning this right now and I'm going to start stock piling my laminating scraps! Genius!! Thank you so much for sharing! (
    -Elyse @ A is for Apples

  2. Hahaha! Thanks Elyse! I was so tired of throwing them away! I am set on using every scrap now!! Have fun with it!

  3. I love recycling and this is great! My first grade friends will love this....

  4. That genius! I always have leftovers!! I am pinning this!~

  5. Great idea using free or cheap resources we all have. Thanks for the chance to win

  6. I'm the recycling queen at our school! Wait till they hear I'm recycling laminate! WooHoo Love this idea!

  7. I would love the pact thanks for the recycling idea! I feel bad about tossing so much left over!!!

  8. What a great way not to waste anything!

  9. What a great way not to waste anything!

  10. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow! This is a fantastic idea. I hate throwing things away.

  12. Now I have an idea for my scraps! I will officially be a teacher hoarder thanks for helping the addiction! :)


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