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Kicking Off the Games....Kindergarten Style!

Ready, set...let the games begin!
I am so excited about the Winter Games!  There are so many events I LOVE to watch- and lucky for me I have Mid-Winter recess from 2-17 to 2-21 so I get to watch some events happen live!

So I wanted my kinders to be aware of the games, know where they are being held and be familiar with the names of some of the events! With all the snow and arctic weather we have been having, I may just have a future participant sitting right before my feet!

We made torches and 'ran' the 'streets' of the hall to 'pass' the light and give the games a kindergarten kick-off!

I basically used a cone 'template,' inserted some 'circles' and added text.  The kids colored and cut them and I stapled them (in interest of time!).  I gave each of them a stack of tissue paper and had them 'crumble and stuff!'  
Then it was time to 'let the games begin!'

They were so proud and held those torches HIGH as they marched the halls!

When we returned we looked at the globe and found Russia.  Many think its just a 'little swim in the water' to get there!  

From there we talked about all the different events and worked with a pocket chart to build sentences about the different sporting events.

The children then worked in their own books to fill in the missing sight word,color and read.  They were so excited to read these books!  One student told me he is going to tuck his mom in and read to her tonight!  So sweet!

To conserve paper, I copied these books front/back and they worked out just as great!  By the end they had read about 8 different sporting events, the torch, medals and winners podium!

But that was not the end of our kick-off day!
I have a 'boy heavy' class this year (7 vs 13) so  I was curious how this was going to go.  I was almost certain all the girls would pick figure skating...and guess what...they did!  Even the teachers had their chance to cast a vote!
 Here is the HUGE graph we constructed in the hall outsider our classroom!

We awarded the 'gold medal' to figure skating with 11 votes, 'silver' went to bobsled with 5 votes and 'bronze' went to skiing with 3 votes!

When they left today many walked out with the torch in hand.  They asked what time it would be on TV and if it was on Cartoon Network!  Even if they only watch a bit of it, or are able to tell someone about what they learned, name a sport or read the book, I will have satisfaction knowing I opened their eyes to a worldwide event that will change the lives of so many athletes in the next couple weeks!

I sit now and watch the opening ceremonies as athletes from all over gather to honor their sport and country!  The torch is about to be lit and the games will officially begin!  And who knows, maybe one day, I will be sitting in this same spot on my couch, watching one of them wave proudly, beaming ear to ear, in the opening ceremonies- and I can say 'I was your kindergarten teacher!!!'

Looking to do similar activities with your class?
You can find the pocket chart cards, early emergent reader and graphing here:
As well as some other Winter Sports products and fun!

Other fun this week...
Gung Hay Fat Choy!  We attended a Chinese New Year Dragon Parade!
Presented by our very own first graders!

Working with ten frames- using egg cartons! (An idea blogged about by Differentiation Station)
Students used 2 different type of cards (number and ten frame picture cards) to show understanding!

Students made them and then selected a numbered card (either with a picture for CVC decoding) or a sight word (to practice recognizing, reading and writing it) and recorded it next to the same number.  These were surely a hit!

Our 'Wondering' Chart!
This is our first chart of this type that I have done and I really like it!  Rather than start by listing everything they knew about penguins, I had them tell me all the things they wanted to know or were 'wondering' about!  We got a pretty hefty list!  Due to the snow days we didn't get to finish our penguin unit to answer all of these questions, but we'll work on it again next week!

Speaking of next week...Look at the surprise I have for them!!!!
A GIANT sight word 'Twister'-type game board (the red is a plastic tablecloth)!!
 And the spinner will tell us which hand/foot to cover as we read and a stack of picture cards will tell use which word to read!  I have 2 boards set to go! If the spinner is too tough, we may resort to toss a bean bag and read what it lands on/stand on your word!  

I can't wait to see them play this!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see how the twister game turns out!


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