Sunday, February 9, 2014

Easy and Non-Caloric Valentine Gifts for Students, Teachers & More!

This Friday is Valentine's Day!
A day filled with messages of love, flowers and CANDY! you want to offer your students a gift that is not laced with sugar and calories?!
Maybe you have food allergies and can't offer up candies with milk or nuts?

Then why 'doh' n't you give your students a container of 'doh?!'

Here is the stack of 90 containers I 'labeled' for my sons 2 preschool/daycare classes and my own!  I used 2 different says for the 2 groups (see below) and they are all ready to go!  Everyone can use it and no one gets left out because of an allergy!  PLUS it has no calories and no sugar...and helps with fine motor!

Simply print this label on 2x4 shipping labels and it fits perfectly on the container!
Two different messages...
'Doh' You Want To Be My Valentine?
You AreaA-DOH-able!

BUT...what about teachers, teaching assistants, bus drivers, speech teachers, morning/after care workers, etc?
I think my boys teachers/support staff with 'BEE' very happy with this surprise!

 My boys have 4 teachers each, plus 3 more before/after care works and 1 speech teacher!  All 12 gifts were done in less than 40 minutes from print to pack-in-the-bag to go!

The teacher/TA ones say 'I love 'bee'-ing in your class!' and the others say 'Thanks for 'bee'-ing so kind!' sugar or calories!  Perfect for teachers that are on the perpetual diet like me!
PLUS with the winter we've been having, everyone is in need of some extra lip TLC!

I simply printed the gift card on card stock.  Punched a hole in the top and pushed the scissor through for a second hole a little bit further down (someone needs to invent a longer hole puncher like they did for a stapler!). I rolled a piece of clear tape and stuck it between the holes and stuck the lip moisturizer on top.  Then I pulled a ribbon through the two holes and tied in in a bow!  

These would be great for your class parents, lunch monitors, student teachers/observers, etc too!

So, my Valentine gifts are all set...and now it's time for you to work on yours!
Download the labels and gift card for free!
I purchased both the doh and lip moisturizer from Amazon.  The doh came in a 36 pack mega case for about $18 and the lip moisturizer was about $9 for a 4 pack.  As a prime member, I received free 2 day shipping and was able to have this all done a week in advance!  Ahhh!  Now to think of something for my hubby!!!  Suggestions welcome!!!

A little message of thanks goes a long way!
Until next post,
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  1. Very cute! Thanks for being so sweet to share.

  2. Love the dough! I printed my daughter's Vday cards at Office Depot -- they look so good, I need to post them! I bought my hubby's gift early! I would suggest a cookie bouquet or chocolate dipped fruit - even guys like them!


  3. I think I am going to make my hubby the chap stick card! With this weather he is killing my chap stick!.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Thank you for sharing...hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!


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